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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 8 Recap

Ma Xiaohong and Dafa asked for leave. They went out to post the missing person notice, looking for their own brother Mouse. They happened to meet Wang Dongyang who went out to post the missing person notice. This time she would definitely not lose him easily and immediately chased after him. Go up. When Ma Xiaohong catches Wang Dongcheng, he will take him to get married. Wang Dongcheng has no power to resist in front of Ma Xiaohong, so she can only be dragged away by her and go to his rental house. Wang Dongyang told Ma Xiaohong that he had to give her a complete wedding, but Ma Xiaohong slapped him directly. At this moment, Gao Han called.

Gao Han said that Dudu had news. The police finally got the news. They called Guan Shanshan. Guan Shanshan, Gao Han and Yu Bo had already set off. Wang Dongyang was looking for an excuse to escape Ma Xiaohong, and he recognized Dudu as soon as he had the idea. It was her own child, Ma Xiaohong red eyes and decided to let Wang Dongyang leave. Sad and desperate, Ma Xiaohong picked up Dudu’s photo. Suddenly, she felt that the child was familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen it.

In the police station, Guan Shanshan and the others successfully recognized Dudu. The person who found Dudu turned out to be Guan Shanshan’s suitor Wang Meng. After this incident, Guan Shanshan decided to take Dudu away, regardless of the high cold and Dudu. No blood relationship, so irresponsible, Gao Han would lose even the child, Guan Shanshan would not take the child to him anyway. Guan Shanshan decided to find a nanny to take care of the children. The three brothers were in a hurry. They lived with Dudu for so many days, and they also had feelings. They couldn’t bear to watch Dudu leave.

The mood of the three of them was very depressed, and Gao Han’s barbecue stall had not been done. His heart was on Dudu, and Dudu was absent, and he was absent-minded in anything. Guan Shanshan told Xiaomo that it was Wang Meng who helped them find the child. Xiaomo always felt Wang Meng was wrong, and asked Guan Shanshan to guard against this person. The two of them had finished soaking in the hot spring and were going to leave, but found that Guan Shanshan’s credit card was all They couldn’t use it anymore, and the two paid the cash first.

With Dafa’s help, Gao Han set up the barbecue stall, but Gao Han wanted to back down at this time. Dafa persuaded him that although Dudu and Xiaoxiao are not by his side, he is still the father of two children and he must be strong. stand up. Gao Han’s barbecue was spread out. Yu Bo and Wang Dongyang both came to help, but Yu Bo was angry. He did not understand Gao Han’s current practice. In his opinion, if you want to be a good father, you must dare to fight, not Set up a barbecue stall here.

Gao Han told Yu Bo his thoughts and current situation. It was not that he did not want to take care of Dudu, but that he did not have the financial ability to take care of his children. Yu Bo only knew Gao Han’s thoughts, but he believed that what children needed more was love. He told Gao Han a story based on his own experience. He tried to make money but ignored the child’s growth. This would make him regret it for a lifetime. At this time, Guan Shanshan also returned home. She called Uncle Wei, but Uncle Wei had already left the company, leaving her alone and helpless. Shanshan sent away the nanny at home. Wang Meng came to the door at this time. He was panicked when he saw this situation and immediately found an excuse to leave.

In order to support Gao Han, Yu Bo gave his money to Gao Han and asked him to make his business bigger. Gao Han’s contact with Yu Bo during this period made him feel that Yu Bo was not as bad as his ex-wife said, but his ex-wife kept explaining by herself, saying that he would not let Yu Bo go to the United States to live with them. Gao Han had no choice but to ask Liu Min to take away his letter to her daughter and watch her leave. Liu Min also saw Gao Han’s changes and progress, and smiled with satisfaction.

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