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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 7 Recap

When Guan Shanshan came to the living room, the three men were still asleep. This is a rare opportunity. Guan Shanshan secretly obtained Gao Han’s hair, secretly went to do a paternity test without them, and met Guan Shan while taking a taxi on the road. A suitor of Shan. Guan Shanshan had planned to call Xiaomo together, but Xiaomo’s boss was sitting in person today. She really couldn’t walk away. Guan Shanshan had to go to the appraisal center alone. In the face of this suitor, Guan Shanshan didn’t want to talk to him. After leaving the car, he left, ignoring Wang Meng’s face. Even if Guan Shanshan refused him, Wang Meng still refused to give up.

At this time, the three drunk men in the house finally woke up. Except for Gao Han, the other two could not believe that they would actually become brothers. Gao Han advised them not to be more truthful in the future, and Wang Dongyang finally stopped worrying about Yu Bo. In the evening, Gao Han recalled his ex-wife’s words that he was not motivated, and his friends’ words to persuade him to change jobs, he could not help thinking about his life. Liu Min’s current husband called her, hoping that she could give Yu Bo some money.

Gao Han is actually a very good technician. He started to work for himself and decided to build a barbecue truck himself to make some money to improve his and Dudu’s lives. His transformation made Dafa very happy and wish him a lot of money. Guan Shanshan was going out to do her hair. The three brothers decided to take Dudu to the amusement park. Although Yu Bo didn’t want to, but in the end he didn’t refuse. The three and a child played together in the amusement park, and they were in a particularly happy mood. .

When Wang Dongyang saw the beauty passing by, he went to the bathroom to leave for a while, but Gao Han suddenly saw his ex-wife who appeared in the amusement park, so he also found an excuse to leave and handed Dudu to Yu Bo. Liu Min came for Yu Bo. She had a very bad impression of Bo. She hoped that Gao Han could understand her. Before leaving, she asked Gao Han to look at Yu Bo more. In addition, he gave Gao Han a greeting card painted by Xiaoxiao. Gao Han immediately laughed. Bloomed.

A person on Yu Bo’s side was entangled by several girls and took a few photos. When Wang Dongyang and Gao Han came back, they found that Dudu was missing. The three big men panicked and were afraid of encountering human traffickers. They hurriedly Scattered around looking for it. Yu Bo recalled the picture he had just taken, and hurried to the visitor center to report the case. Dudu never found it. Wang Dongyang was so angry that he kept accusing Yu Bo. Yu Bo was also very uncomfortable. The three of them could only return home in despair.

Gao Han didn’t dare to let Guan Shanshan know about Dudu’s loss, so he casually dealt with Guan Shanshan’s call, and asked Yu Bo to take Guan Shanshan away and divert her attention. Gao Han and Wang Dongyang made missing persons notices at home. Guan Shanshan didn’t want to run around with Yu Bo, and wanted to go home to watch Dudu. Yu Bo really had no choice but to say that he liked her. Unexpectedly, she got Guan Shanshan’s response. Yu Bo didn’t expect that, Guan Shanshan would like herself, and subconsciously asked her if it was true. In fact, Guan Shanshan had long seen that Yu Bo was blocking him, forcing Yu Bo to take him to Guan Shanshan, and they went to find Gao Han and Wang Dongyang together.

Gao Han and Wang Dongyang were going to the police station to report to the police. They were shocked when they saw the two men suddenly appeared. In the end, Guan Shanshan knew about Dudu’s disappearance. Guan Shanshan thought of Liu Min’s threat to him and suspected Liu Min. He took Dudu away, and took Gao Han to find Liu Min to have a child. Without knowing it, Liu Min directly asked the security to drive them out. Afterwards, they had to report to the police station.

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