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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 6 Recap

Ma Xiaohong heard the song of Brother Mouse in the beauty salon. Every door looked for it. Wang Dongyang heard someone calling his former name. He was so scared that he quickly put on his clothes and wanted to run away.

Unexpectedly, he just collided with Ma Xiaohong face to face, and the two chased in the building for a long time. On the other hand, Liu Min sneaked to the home, and Guan Shanshan and Xiaomo also secretly came to Gao Han’s home. The purpose of the two people and horses was the same, both to find Gao Han’s hair.

Liu Min heard their voices and immediately found a place to hide, but she forgot to turn off the light. Fortunately, the two people with thick lines did not care, but the careless Liu Min dropped something by the bedside. They guessed that someone was under the bed and deliberately jumped on the bed, so angry that Liu Min had to expose himself.

When Gao Han came home, he happened to see the scene of them pulling out their swords. Hearing that Liu Min wanted to do another paternity test, Gao Han was very helpless.
Gao Han talked with Liu Min alone. He knew Liu Min’s thoughts.

As Xiaoxiao’s father, he would not do anything to make Xiaoxiao lose his livelihood after that, so he voluntarily handed in his salary card to ensure Liu Min’s peace of mind. He wanted Liu Min to leave his mind about Dudu. Liu Min was very satisfied with his approach, so he also let go of this matter and was willing to let Xiaoxiao call him often. At this time, Gao Han received Wang Dongyang’s call.

Wang Dongyang met Ma Xiaohong and left the beauty room in his bathrobe. Or Gao Han took his clothes to save him. He did not know that Ma Xiaohong found the paternity test and mistakenly thought that he had given birth to a son. Wang Dongyang didn’t go home with Gao Han. He bought a bottle of wine and drank it by the roadside.

Unfortunately, he met Yu Bo and was blocked. Yu Bo saved Guan Shanshan, who was drunk last time. He got into trouble. Wang Dongyang hid aside. The sudden phone call exposed him his position and was directly pulled out.

This group had no choice but to catch Wang Dongyang and give him a beating. Yu Bo didn’t expect him to appear. He gave him a wink and drove away. Wang Dongyang hurriedly called Gao Han. Gao Han heard the trouble and didn’t think about it. After giving the Dudu to Guan Shanshan, he rushed to the river. When the people heard that he called the police, they immediately hit them. At this time, Yu Bo drove back and joined the fight together. The police car quickly rushed to the scene and pulled them away.

The three injured men were criticized by the police and left the police station in disgraced. They came home and were found by Guan Shanshan to find the traces left after the fight. She kindly drugged the two big men, and in order not to let Du Du to be scared, she also put on them makeup. Yu Bo was also injured. After giving Gao Han and Wang Dongyang medicine, she went to Yu Bo again. Yu Bo heard that she had put the medicine box at the door and wanted to get it.

Unexpectedly, Guan Shanshan did not leave and deliberately waited for him at the door. Three dads signed up for the parent-child interaction class of the TV station. Seeing that the three men were really embarrassed, the administrator had to agree to let them participate together.

The three big men accompanied the children to play, which was also very happy. When Wang Dongyang got home, he cooked a big meal for everyone. Unexpectedly, Wang Dongcheng still had such a good craftsmanship. Everyone praised it. The three big men and Guan Shanshan agreed together to take good care of Dudu in the future. The three drunken men suddenly said they wanted to be brothers and decided to get along well in the future.

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