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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 5 Recap

After Liu Min came home, he spoke rudely to Shanshan. Gao Han came back with his mouth covered and vomited at the garbage can. Liu Min was very angry about the appearance of Dudu and forced Gao Han to let them move out. Gao Han reminded his ex-wife Liu Min that Yu Bo was coming back soon, which made Liu Min even more angry.

Liu Min insisted on DNA testing in front of Shanshan and Gao Han. Shan Shan agreed very much, but Gao Han did not want to. Liu Min found Wang Dongyang as an intermediary. Wang Dongyang mistakenly thought that Gao Han asked him to help Liu Min, so he agreed.

Xiaomo warned Shanshan not to believe Liu Min, believing that Liu Min could do anything. Gao Han was speechless. Wang Dongyang wanted to promise this matter. Gao Han did not know why he wanted to protect Dudu, although he did not know whether Dudu had anything to do with him. He asked Wang Dongyang to pass the sample sent for inspection through his hand, but Wang Dongyang secretly told Liu Min.

Liu Min asked Wang Dongyang to meet and promised to act as an agent for American health care products. He also plotted to change the cold hair to Guan Wang Dongyang’s. Shanshan was angry and wanted to move out. Gao Han promised to take good care of Shanshan and Dudu, and Shanshan no longer forced Wang Dongyang to move out. Ma Xiaohong is very numb in her work. While working, she is looking for a mouse brother. He also finds a job in a beauty salon through Fangfang, a fellow villager. Shanshan, Gao Han, Liu Min and Wang Dongyang took their hair together, which made a bad scene.

In order to relax and Xiaomo go to do SPA together, it was Ma Xiaohong who served them. Shanshan recognized that Ma Xiaohong was the hero of saving lives. Ma Xiaohong told Shanshan that she was coming to find the mouse brother. Gao Han, Wang Dongyang and his ex-wife Liu Min came to the hospital together. Wang Dongyang hesitated to help Liu Min or Gao Han in the toilet. Suddenly, he heard someone named Ma Xiaohong. Wang Dongyang was scared out of a cold sweat. It turned out that the cleaner’s aunt was also called Ma Xiaohong. Wang Dongyang was shocked but confused two bags of hair in the chaos.

Liu Min proposed that Xiaoxiao go to an international school, which cost about 400,000 yuan a year. Gao Han said that he would find a way to get some sideline work to support Xiaoxiao’s tuition.

However, Liu Min mocked Gao Jian, scolded Gao Han for being useless, and asked Wang Dongyang to notarize the house, because the house promised to be reserved for Xiaoxiao at that time.

Wang Dongyang was scolded by Liu Min and Gao Han for confusing his hair. The appraisal results were about to come out. Gao Han and Liu Min rushed to the hospital early in the morning to get the appraisal results, but learned that the appraisal results had been mailed home. Just when Wang Dongyang had nowhere to hide the express, Gao Han also rushed back.

After a lot of competition, Liu Min got the express, but Gao Han said that in any case, Dudu was his own child, and warned Liu Min not to stop exporting hurting people. He promised to do real estate notarization with Liu Min in the afternoon. The final appraisal result was still The high cold tore it off.

Xiaomo helps Shanshan analyze why Gao Han’s response to the identification results is so strong, which also leads Shanshan to suspect that there is something wrong. Guan Lingling had been waiting for Gao Han for 7 years, but because Gao Han did not have confidence in himself , she refused Lingling’s pursuit. Looking back on the scenes of that year, Gao Han made up his mind to protect Dudu for Lingling.

Shanshan and Xiaomo came to the appraisal center, but no matter how they communicated, the appraisal center was unwilling to disclose any information, so the two decided to do another appraisal. Liu Min came to Gao Han’s unit to question why Gao Han tore the report and forced Gao Han Dudu to be his son.

Wang Dongyang received several experience vouchers of the beauty salon and came to the beauty salon in a spirit of not wasting, but learned that his experience voucher only received female guests. Wang Dongyang threatened to sue the consumer association, and the beauty salon promised to arrange for him. While Wang Dongyang was enjoying the rose bath and humming, Ma Xiaohong heard his voice and shouted at the mouse brother. A thrilling scene was about to happen.

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