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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 4 Recap

Guan Shanshan took Dudu to the hospital. It turned out that the child was an emergency treatment for children caused by the virus. Gao Han also rushed to the hospital. The doctor kindly told them about the treatment method.

She mistakenly thought that the two were husband and wife, and also made Gao Han more tolerant Guan Shanshan, who was somewhat ignorant. Gao Han could only smile and nod. Guan Shanshan and Gao Han took Dudu back to Gao Han’s home. Guan Shanshan saw Yu Bo again and turned aside his eyes awkwardly.

Guan Shanshan is still a single woman. She really doesn’t know anything about taking care of children. She can only see these big men busy there.

Dudu finally slept peacefully. Guan Shanshan left Dudu and planned to leave. Gao Han quickly stopped her and said that he had lost his reason at that time. Guan Shanshan decided to forgive him, but proposed to make a three-chap agreement with him. Guan Shanshan and Gao Han agreed to the three chapters of the treaty. Gao Shanshan agreed, and Guan Shanshan agreed to stay. Wang Dongyang felt unfair to hear such an unequal treaty, but Gao Han had no opinion at all.

After all, it was to make Dudu a better life.
Gao Han once again wanted to persuade Yu Bo to go to the parenting class. Seeing that Yu Bo did not want to say this matter, Gao Han took him into his own studio. The parts here dazzled Yu Bo. With Gao Han’s help, Yu Bo was finally able to get those parts. Yu Bo returned to his room and thought of what Gao Han said.

When they all went out to work, they could not let Dudu stay at home alone. In order to thank him, he promised Gao Han to go to the nursery class and take care of Du Du with them. Guan Shanshan and her friends went to have snacks. Guan Shanshan temporarily received a phone call from Uncle Wei to go to a meeting, so she had to put down her date with her best friend. Guan Shanshan trusted Uncle Wei too much and did not know anything about signing a problem contract.

Gao Han took care of the children more and more. Yu Bo was originally asking him about parts. He was a little moved to see the appearance of him bathing Dudu, and also helped to hold the child, which was much gentler. Guan Shanshan sent something to the child. She asked Gao Han to drive Wang Dongyang away.

She did not say the reason. She would rather help him compensate for liquidated damages than drive Wang Dongyang away. Wang Dongyang overheard their conversation and went back to his room to plot to drive Guan Shanshan away. He called Liu Min specifically, but he didn’t expect to cheat Gao Han.

Liu Min rushed back from the United States angrily. At this time, Gao Han had sent the parts to Yu Bo, so he did not meet Liu Min. Guan Shanshan, who had just returned home, met her girlfriend. Liu Min forced them to hand over Dudu and do paternity test in person. Liu Minming has divorced Gao Han and wants to get involved. Guan Shanshan’s best friend has been severely beaten. Gao Han, who came home, saw Liu Min stopping the two sisters before he could react. Liu Min took Gao Han to the room. Gao Han had bitter words.

Gao Han wanted to say that Dudu was not a wild child, but this sentence angered Liu Min, so angry that she was going to drive away Dudu and Guan Shanshan now. Gao Han’s inspiration moved out of Bo. Yu Bo was about to come back. Liu Min was newly married and did not want to see this stepchild. Sure enough, Liu Min stopped shouting after hearing Yu Bo.

Gao Han was embarrassed to send Dudu and Guan Shanshan away, wanting them to go out for a walk first, but Liu Min also followed, blocking the two sisters’ pace and forcing them to test DNA. Guan Shanshan was equally annoyed by her, and she agreed to her request almost without hesitation. It was about Du Du Du’s parents. She had to find out the situation.

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