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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 3 Recap

When Gao Han came home, he found that Wang Dongyang was going to move. He felt that Yu Bo had cut off his future. Gao Han quickly comforted him and played the emotional card with Dudu. Wang Dongyang finally changed his mind. Gao Han planned to go to the nursery class. After Wang Dongyang heard about it, he planned to tie up with Yu Bo.

Yu Bo went to him. Gao Han thought that Yu Bo was a person who didn’t like children, and he immediately felt a little embarrassed. At this time, Yu Bo was debugging the motorcycle. He was a master repairing the motorcycle. The boss’s wife here secretly liked him and often asked him for help.

Gao Han couldn’t contact Yu Bo at home. Guan Shanshan suddenly came to live with them. Yu Bo also returned home after that. He looked at Guan Shanshan and returned to his room. Gao Han came up and invited him to the nursery class. Yu Bo refused directly. Gao Han had no choice but to leave. He saw the parts on Yu Bo’s desk. He liked to tosss about this kind of things. He took a look at himself and decided to help Yu Bo make these parts.

Guan Shanshan spent the night in Gao Han’s room. Seeing that Gao Han was wronged for himself, Guan Shanshan planned to move in after finding an empty room and called for the help of her friends. This room was the room where Gao Han’s daughter had already gone to the United States. Gao Han’s most taboo was that someone moved the room.

He wanted to keep it for his daughter all the time. Seeing that his daughter’s room was occupied by them, he was so angry that he threw them away. Guan Shanshan immediately left with his arms and doodle when he saw this.

Guan Shanshan left with Dudu in her arms. She thought of a lot of Gao Han said. The more she thought about it, the sadder she became. Ma Xiaohong was crazy about looking for her mouse brother beside them. She was enthusiastic. When she saw someone jumping into the lake, she immediately jumped down to save people.

At this time, Gao Han regretted under Wang Dongyang’s persuasion, but he called Guan Shanshan many times but no one answered. He looked around, but heard Wang Dongyang say that there was a young woman jumping into the river with her child in his arms, and they hurriedly chased to the public security bureau.

The police took Gao Han to identify people. Ma Xiaohong directly punched him when he saw Gao Han. After the fight, he knew that Gao Han was not the father of the mother and son, and caused a big oolong. Gao Han circled the public security bureau with big black eyes.

Ma Xiaohong waited for him to apologize vigorously and must go home with him to take care of him. In fact, Ma Xiaohong also lost her money when she saved people. Gao Han saw that she was poor, so he took her to have a big meal. Ma Xiaohong came here to find her fiance, but Gao Han and I don’t know Wang Dongyang’s former name, so I don’t remember at all.

Gao Han gave Ma Xiaohong a sum of money and promised to help her find a job and a house. The only request was to let her change her hairstyle to kill Matt. After finally getting home, Wang Dongyang rushed out in a hurry. Knowing that it was not Dudu and Guan Shanshan who jumped into the river, he was relieved. Gao Han did not break his promise. The next day, he found a job for Ma Xiaohong.

Ma Xiaohong’s business ability is good, and she also has experience in selling fish. After giving Dafa Xiaoxiao a hand, Dafa left her with satisfaction.

Gao Han is actually very powerful. He has helped many people with good marriage. Dafa is one of them. If it were not for him, Dafa could not have such a big store, so Dafa was very grateful to him. Dudu suddenly had a fever, and Guan Shanshan had no one. She had to call Gao Han. Gao Han heard the news, but he was not in the mood to chat with Dafa and hurried to chase him to the hospital.

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