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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 2 Recap

Yu Bo is a motorcycle enthusiast. He is indifferent and arrogant on the surface, but in fact he is a very just and warm man. Guan Shanshan was shrouded in the haze of losing her close relatives and drank to relieve her sorrows. She listened to her sister repeatedly. When she was drunk, she was almost indecent to the hoodlum and hit by Yu Bo, who passed by.

Yu Bo saved the hero of the United States. It turned out that Guan Shanshan and Yu Bo knew each other. Guan Shanshan was so drunk that she fell on Yu Bo. Coincidentally, Yu Bo received a text message from Gao Han to rent a house, so he took Guan Shanshan to Gao Han’s home.

Gao Han and Guan Dongyang began to take care of Dudu, one playing his father and the other playing his mother. Just when they were pouting to kiss Dudu, Yu Bo happened to be seen by Yu Bo, who came back, misunderstood the relationship between them.

Although Yu Bo was speechless about Guan Shanshan’s drunken behavior, he took good care of Guan Shanshan. Yu Bo and Gao Han met and expressed their respect for their choices, but also asked them to respect their privacy and hold the children away.

The next day, Wang Dongyang was tossed around all night without sleeping, with a huge black eye circle. Gao Han found Guan Shanshan’s phone and was ready to call Guan Shanshan, but the phone showed that he was off. Guan Shanshan woke up and found herself at a stranger’s house.

Although she was very flustered, she still pretended to leave calmly. Gao Han and Wang Dongyang looked at Guan Shanshan, who was especially well-built, and their eyes were straight. Wang Dongyang’s real name was Wang Shoucai, but he refused the name, so he gave him a name.

After that, Gao Han finally made a call with Shanshan and asked Shanshan to meet at the moonlight wharf. Shanshan remembered that her sister had looked through Gao Han’s photo album before, and her sister also appreciated Gao Han very much.

As soon as they met, they remembered the scene at Gao Han’s home. They were very surprised and embarrassed. They didn’t speculate for more than three words. Shanshan thought that Dudu was born to Gao Han and his sister. A glass of water splashed on Gao Han’s face and asked Gao Han to take himself to see Dudu immediately.

Wang Dongyang took care of Dudu while exercising, but made Dudu cry all the time. While Wang Dongyang was worried that his protein powder was wet by Dudu, Gao Han and Shanshan returned home.

Before coming, Gao Han and Shanshan took good care of Dudu, but now Dudu was tied to the sofa with tape by Wang Dongyang and watched war movies for Dudu. Shanshan scolded them angrily. Dudu was crying because he was hungry. Gao Han quickly pulled Wang Dongyang to buy milk powder. The two were worried about the milk powder full of milk, but Yu Bo appeared at this time and helped them choose the most suitable milk powder.

Dudu was finally appeased. Shanshan looked at the scene in front of her and couldn’t help but remember that when she took Dudu with her sister before, the mother-in-law of Wu accused her sister of not taking care of the child. Now the Wu family has sent the child away, so she wanted to go to Wujiaxingshi to ask for guilt.

Gao Han told Yu Bo that Shanshan was Du Du’s aunt. Shanshan rushed to the Wu family angrily and asked them to hand over the doodle, but the Wu family bit back and said that there was something wrong with Lingling’s style, and also took the photo of Gao Han and Lingling snuggled up together as proof.

Shanshan could only leave with anger. Gao Han couldn’t get through to Shanshan’s phone. He was very worried, so he asked Yu Bo. Yu Bo said he was not familiar with Shan Shan and asked Gao Han to go to the place where he drank. Shanshan, who drinks stuffy wine on KTV, remembers the good times of the past and her family and burst into tears. Gao Han finally found Shanshan. It turned out that today was Shanshan’s birthday. Shanshan pulled Gao Han to drink and sing with him.

When Wang Dongyang was washing, he found that his tooth cups and towels had been changed. Thinking that it was Yu Bogan, he deliberately changed the position of chili sauce and toothpaste. He fantasized about the appearance of Yu Bola’s red lips and laughed wildly in his heart. Although it took a long time, Shanshan still lived in pain. Gao Han told Shanshan that Dudu was the gift left by her sister. She should cherish yourself and cheer up for Dudu.

Yin and Yang were wrong. Gao Han used secret pepper toothpaste, scaring Wang Dongyang to rush to agree to the task of seeing the child. Gao Han went to work with a sausage mouth. His colleagues comforted Gao Han to look openly. Don’t feel too hard and make Gao Han unable to laugh or cry. Wang Dongyang went on a blind date with Dudu. The two were very close to each other.

However, Yu Bo secretly told his wife that Wang Dongyang had a sexual orientation problem because he misunderstood their relationship, which destroyed Wang Dongyang’s blind date. Wang Dongyang could not do it. On the other hand, Ma Xiaohong, who came to Sioux City to find the mouse brother, was stolen her wallet when she got off the bus.

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