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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 11 Recap

Xiaomo has been pestering Yu Bo to add his friends, Yu Bo hides in the toilet annoyingly by her, Guan Shanshan finally returns home and rescues Yu Bo, and Yu Bo hurries away. Only then did Hong Xiaomo talk to Guan Shanshan about business and raised her 30,000 yuan. Xiaomo knew that she had lost her chain and was very disapproved, but she couldn’t help it. Hong Xiaomo diverted her attention and wanted Guan Shanshan to help her pursue Yu Bo. Guan Shanshan just didn’t feel anything about Bo, so she agreed.

Wang Dongyang was doing exercises at home because of Ma Xiaohong. Gao Han really couldn’t stand it. In his opinion, Ma Xiaohong was really good, but Wang Dongyang deceived Ma Xiaohong and said Dudu was his son. Gao Han not only did not help Wang when he knew it Dongyang also accused him of shameless behavior and wanted to tell Ma Xiaohong about this. Wang Dongyang desperately stopped Gao Han. Although Gao Han gave up going to Ma Xiaohong to explain the truth, he didn’t want to protect Wang Dongyang any more. He did not kindly do this.

Recently, Yu Bo wanted to help Guan Shanshan very much and looked for help. The proprietress knew that she was short of money, so she took out the money to buy a house and gave it to Yu Bo. Yu Bo knew that she was kind, and finally accepted. Guan Shanshan hesitated for a long time, and finally decided to tell Gao Han that she had found a lawyer, but she did not say that she wanted to donate to the library. She still did not raise money. Wang Meng took her to a financial company to borrow money. What happened to Guan Shanshan? I signed it without even thinking about it, but I didn’t know that Wang Meng was cheated.

Yu Bo was recommended to participate in a motorcycle race, but he did not know when his motorcycle was touched. Guan Shanshan finally raised enough money, she called the other party without even thinking about it, Wang Meng took the opportunity to confess to her, hoping she could give herself a chance. Although Guan Shanshan is very grateful to Wang Meng, she is still not ready to fall in love and refuses Wang Meng. Guan Shanshan had been pestered by Wang Meng, Ma Xiaohong suddenly appeared, Wang Meng fleeing here in fright.

After Guan Shanshan went home, he told Xiaomo that he had borrowed a loan shark. On the other hand, Gao Han received a call from Liu Min, saying that Yu Bo asked his father for 30,000 US dollars. He thought that there was blood on the clothes that Yu Bo changed, and Gao Han had to do it. Take time off again and go home. Yu Bo’s car broke down and he lost the race. He planned to sell his motorcycle. The proprietress couldn’t believe that he would sell her favorite motorcycle at all, but Yu Bo insisted that she could only help. This is busy.

Gao Han did not find Yu Bo at home, so he went to the motorcycle repair shop where Yu Bo often went to look for him. He just heard that the proprietress was discussing with Yu Bo about selling the car. Gao Han must know the truth, and the proprietress did not want Yu Bo to really sell the car. , Then gave the car key to Gao Han. At this moment, Scar Therapy came in and began to provoke the proprietress and Gao Han. Yu Bo came back to see this scene at this time, and his anger surged in his heart, and he fought them apart.

Gao Han really couldn’t persuade them. He was beaten anyway. He simply picked up the wine bottle on the side and slammed it on his head in front of Scar Therapy, so scared that Scar Therapy hurried with his men. escape. Seeing Gao Han bleeding on his head and almost fainted, Yu Bo and the proprietress were shocked. Yu Bo and his eldest brother returned home to help him deal with the wound. Guan Shanshan saw this scene as soon as he came out and hurried forward to help. Guan Shanshan thought it was Yu Bo who caused the trouble and got involved in Gao Han, and reprimanded Bo.

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