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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 10 Recap

Guan Shanshan boiled water at home that day, but the electrical appliance suddenly burned up, and Gao Han ran out when he heard the movement. This kind of gadget seemed very easy to handle in his opinion, so he didn’t buy another one. Guan Shanshan is not doing anything smoothly now. After returning to the room, she received a call, saying that she had found a lawyer who could help her investigate the cause of bankruptcy. She was immediately ecstatic. The lawyer Hu that Wang Meng was looking for was blown up very badly by them. Guan Shanshan was a little hesitant. The other party didn’t even read the information he gave, which made her very flustered, but Wang Meng repeatedly assured that she finally chose to believe it.

Guan Shanshan returned home, thinking that Gao Han had been grateful for his enlightenment, and wanted to repay him by replacing him with a new toolbox, but she didn’t have that much money now, so she had the idea of ​​selling bags to make money. Gao Han came home and saw this scene. He thought she could not make ends meet and wanted to sell packages to make a living, so he advised Guan Shanshan to find a stable job, which would be good for her and Dudu, Guan Shanshan Being stiff and refusing to admit the fact that he has no money to spend, Gao Han stopped talking about it.

Although Guan Shanshan’s bags are all limited editions, they are now outdated and worn badly. In the end, the total was only 20,000. Although Guan Shanshan was disappointed, in order to buy tools for Gao Han, he finally agreed to sell them at this price. Drop those packages. Gao Han was very moved when he saw the toolbox sent by Guan Shanshan. Guan Shanshan saw that Gao Han was really helping him. He hesitated. He didn’t know whether to tell Gao Han about Wang Meng’s help to find a lawyer. Guan Shanshan wanted to stop him. Gao Han worried about himself and finally decided not to tell him. After Guan Shanshan left, Yu Bo walked out and saw her preparing gifts for Gao Han. It tasted like a snack. Guan Shanshan was his first love. He actually liked her for a long time.

The next day Guan Shanshan followed Wang Meng to meet with Lawyer Hu. Lawyer Hu has worked with many people and saw that the case presented by Lawyer Hu was very similar to his own case, and both were successful cases. Guan Shanshan couldn’t help it. Be more confident about this matter. Lawyer Hu didn’t charge Guan Shanshan’s lawyer fees. He only said that he wanted to do good deeds. Guan Shanshan did not hesitate to accept the library donation project, but no one was willing to lend her money. On the other side, Wang Dongyang came to a new colleague, who turned out to be Ma Xiaohong. He persuaded Ma Xiaohong not to go, so he could only try to avoid her.

The people who wanted to trouble Yu Bo used to make trouble at the barbecue stall in Gaohan, and deliberately left before Bolai. Yu Bo saw the mirror left by them, followed the clues to find their motorcycle and the troublemaker. Yu Bo was fighting very hard. These people wanted to teach him a lesson, but he was taught a lesson. Yu Bo quickly received a call from the hospital. He hurried to the hospital. His mother was in urgent need of surgery. Get up and agree to the doctor to operate on her.

In order to build the library, Guan Shanshan pawned his most precious thing. This thing is their family heirloom, and there are photos of their family in it. As a last resort, Guan Shanshan would not choose to pawn it, in order to prevent the boss Destruction, she only got half of the money. At the same time, Xiao Mo called Guan Shanshan. She was walking to Gao Han’s home and met Yu Bo who had returned home. She was a fan of Yu Bo when she was in college. This time she was excited when she saw him. Follow Yu Bo, but Yu Bo is still as cold as ever.

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