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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 1 Recap

Guan Shanshan is a kind and happy girl. She firmly believes that help is a kind of happiness because help is a person’s quality that will always warm your heart and make people believe that the world is full of love. Guan Shanshan’s little nephew Dudu is about to hold a first birthday banquet.

Shanshan’s parents, sister and brother-in-law are very happy and important about this first birthday banquet. The family dressed up to go out to attend the first anniversary banquet. Shanshan can only be a little late because she participated in the charity auction.

On the other hand, Gao Han had an argument with his wife Liu Min. Liu Min threw the photo frame of the whole family on the ground and loudly accused her husband of mediocrity for many years. Others lived in a big house and drove a luxury car after going to sea. His daughter also went to international school and lived a decent life. Gao Han is very puzzled why his wife wants to compare with others.

Now their life is very good, his daughter’s school is fine, and the house is also very large. Liu Min in turn scolded Gao Han. The down payment for the house was paid by her mother’s family. Gao Han bought second-hand sofas and moved the old furniture in the yard in order to save money on decoration.

All of these made her very dissatisfied. Liu Min also believed that the times had changed and it was no longer the era of love and drinking water. She was disappointed in Gao Han and asked to leave. Marriage. Gao Han begged Liu Min to discuss again. Liu Min decisively picked up the vase and fell to the ground, indicating that he must divorce.

Shanshan’s phone still couldn’t be made, so my sister had to send a WeChat message to Shanshan, telling her that everyone would wait for her. A beautiful but suddenly washed-out truck was smashed. The family fell into a pool of blood, and at this time, a black car was secretly driven out of the back of the truck. Liu Min saw the smile in the room holding a teddy bear and refused to leave his father. Liu Min forcibly pulled away the unhappy smile, leaving Gao Han alone.

At the end of the charity event, Shanshan was still listening to her sister’s voice happily, but was interrupted by a phone call, and the bad news of the car accident came from the other side of the phone. Shanshan rushed to the hospital. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she learned the news of the death of her parents, sister and brother-in-law, but Dudu was safe and sound under the protection of his mother.

Shanshan, who was depressed, came to the roof of the hospital. In the rain, she was very confused. She thought of her favorite family, their care and love for her. Shanshan also wanted to jump down and end her life.

Wang Dongyang is a good friend of Gao Han. As a fitness coach, he likes pink most and live a very exquisite and exquisite life. Gao Han, the landlord, is about to participate in the divorce proceedings. He wants to fight for the custody of Xiaoxiao, so he asked Wang Dongyang to give an idea to choose a suit of clothes that will impress the judge, and tell Wang Dongyang that the house is ready to be rented out, and everyone will share the expenses equally. Just as they were choosing clothes, they heard a knock on the door.

As soon as Wang Dongyang opened the door, he saw a group of people blocking the door. A fierce woman rushed in and scolded Gao Han for doing good deeds, and told Gao Han Dudu that this woman was Guan Lingling’s mother-in-law. She said that the child was her own, Gao Han was confused. At the same time, Xiaoxiao and his mother Liu Min have been waiting for Gao Han at the gate of the court. Gao Han promised Xiaoxiao not to be late. At present, he can only solve the problem of Dudu first.

Gao Han was very puzzled and wanted to find out the truth of the matter. Gao Han’s mother-in-law forced Gao Han to organize a classmate party before. On that day, Gao Han and Guan Lingling chatted and drank wine together. Guan Lingling’s mother-in-law continued to cry.

If Dudu hadn’t been ill, they would not have found that Dudu was not the child of the Wu family at all, and also found a number of appraisal agencies to learn from them. It’s settled. Gao Han was also very surprised that Dudu was not the child of the Wu family. The mother-in-law of the Wu family insisted on pulling Gao Han to do paternity test, and also cut off the phone call from Xiaoxiao and turned off the phone.

In a hurry, Gao Han told the Wu family that he would be responsible, and the Wu family flashed like throwing off the burden. Gao Han gave Dudu to Wang Dongyang and hurried to the court. Although Xiaoxiao kept crying and waiting for his father, it was too late. Xiaoxiao and his mother participated in the court session alone. Gao Han rushed to catch up. Finally, Xiaoxiao was awarded to his mother by the court.

Wang Dongyang was alone at home with a bedu who had been crying. When he was about to collapse, he finally found that Dudu had been crying because of pulling. Unable to get the custody of smiling, Gao Han came home in despair. Wang Dongyang looked at this and went to clean it with Dudu. Xiaoxiao and his mother Liu Min will go to the United States tomorrow.

Gao Han will go to the airport to see off with Xiaoxiao’s favorite toys and delicious food. Liu Min still ignored Gao Han’s accusation of indecion, and also put forward an excessive request to let Gao Han take care of his American fiance and ex-wife’s son Yu Bo. She has privately arranged an intermediary to rent the empty house to Yu Bo, saving Yu Bo from destroying her life in the United States.

Gao Han was forced to agree because his daughter could only agree. Before leaving, he hugged his father with a smile and didn’t want to be separated from his father. Even if he was very reluctant to give up, Gao Han had to separate himself from the game of hide-and-seek and laugh.

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