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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 24 Recap

Zhong Zhen went to Wen Shaoqing’s house and took a look at Cong Rong. Wen Shaoqing made a lot of delicious food for Cong Rong, but Cong Rong was inconvenient. Wen Shaoqing asked Cong Rong to stay in her own home, and Cong Rong said that Zhong Zhen was enough to take care of herself. Wen Shaoqing believes that Cong Rong should not delay Zhong Zhen’s study and let Zhong Zhen go back to review quickly. Knowing what Wen Shaoqing meant, Zhong Zhen immediately violated Cong Rong’s meaning, indicating that Wen Shaoqing could take good care of Cong Rong. Cong Rong knew that he had been betrayed, but still insisted on going back to live, saying that he could take care of herself, but Wen Shaoqing did not give her a chance and kept Cong Rong.

Cong Rong’s arm was in a plaster and it was very inconvenient to do things. After she finally finished washing, she ran into Wen Shaoqing when she came out. Wen Shaoqing asked Cong Rong to live in her own home to take care of her. Seeing that Cong Rong was inconvenient to tie her pajamas, he said he wanted to help her. Cong Rong began to refuse, thinking that he was going to bed soon, but Wen Shaoqing insisted on helping. Cong Rong agreed, and Wen Shaoqing carefully helped Cong Rong tie the pajamas belt, deliberately approaching Cong Rong, and tied the belt tightly, saying that if he wanted to take it off, he could find her. Cong Rong was embarrassed, shy and quickly returned to his bedroom, Wen Shaoqing secretly smiled.

Wen Shaoqing watched Cong Rong blow her hair with one hand. He deliberately said a lot of flirting things, which made Cong Rong very embarrassed, and only let Wen Shaoqing blow her hair. When sleeping at night, Wen Shaoqing asked Cong Rong to sleep in his room, in the living room, saying that if Cong Rong needed it, he could hear him at any time. Wen Shaoqing was reading a book on judicial compensation and heard movement in Cong Rong’s room. He hurried in to check the situation. Cong Rong suddenly had pain in his hands and couldn’t sleep. Wen Shaoqing was responsible for helping Cong Rong get the water up and watching her take the medicine. Seeing Wen Shaoqing’s concentration, Cong Rong thought of his father.

Wen Shaoqing hugged Cong Rong to sleep and asked her if she would take action. Cong Rong believed that it was unnecessary because it was impossible to determine whether the patient’s family members had intentional or negligent motives. Wen Shaoqing expressed that he was very nervous. He was particularly uncomfortable when he heard Cong Rong was injured.

Zhou Chengcheng called Cong Rong early in the morning, and Wen Shaoqing called. Zhou Chengcheng wanted to see Cong Rong. When he saw her in formal clothes and wanted to go out to work, when he helped her change the plaster, he saw Wen Shaoqing put a mark on the plaster. Cong Rong was happy when he found out. Wen Shaoqing was called to the hospital by Director Yan because there was a special case and wanted to hear Wen Shaoqing’s opinion. When Wen Shaoqing went out, he saw the patient’s family members and asked them to sit in the cafe. He took out Cong Rong’s fracture report, hoping that the patient’s family would have something against him, but don’t let Cong Rong be injured, because Cong Rong is a very important person to him.

Cong Rong had a fracture and came to work. Shangguan felt very distressed and asked her to concentrate on the online loan case first and hand over Wen Shaoqing’s case to Jingjing. Cong Rong was very worried and asked Jingjing to report to him on the progress of Wen Shaoqing’s case. Jingjing knew that he wanted to handle the case with Shangguan, so he readily agreed to Cong Rong.

Wen Rang was absent-minded, thinking about Zhou Chengcheng all the time, looking at her cell phone in a daze, and deliberately sending wrong messages to Zhou Chengcheng. He saw Zhou Chengcheng’s Moments and thought she was really going to get married. He quickly called Wen Shaoqing to ask Wen Shaoqing, Wen Shaoqing deliberately teased him, in fact, the man is a Korean star. Wen Rang was in a hurry and deliberately pretended to be crazy and stupid, so that the decoration boss would not dare to do business here. Zhou Chengcheng was called by the decoration boss, Wen Rang took the opportunity to confess his heart, hugged her and kissed her, and the two were together sweetly.

Zhou Chengcheng sent Cong Rong a set of sexy underwear. When Wen Shaoqing saw him, Cong Rong hurried home shyly. Zhou Chengcheng’s eyebrows were flying brightly, and Cong Rong guessed that she must have something good, but Zhou Chengcheng was selling it off and planned to tell Cong Rong next time. Wen Shaoqing prepared a supper for Cong Rong. Cong Rong said that he was not hungry, but his stomach was honest. Wen Shaoqing heard the groaning sound. Cong Rong found that the password numbers Wen Shaoqing used were all about himself, and he was so happy that he couldn’t help kissing Wen Shaoqing.

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