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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 23 Recap

Cong Rong asked Shangguan to accept Yunji’s medical dispute case, thinking that Shangguan had rich experience. In fact, she is selfish, because this case is related to Wen Shaoqing’s future. Shangguan was upset when he heard it, and under the influence of emotion, he refused to accept it, saying that he was not good at fighting lawsuits for intentional harm. Jingjing comforted Cong Rong after seeing it, and Cong Rong realized that he was a bit reckless. Shangguan went back to the office and thought about it, and called Cong Rong to the office, hoping that she would prepare for the online loan case and expressed her willingness to accept Wen Shaoqing’s case.

Wen Shaoqing received the court’s complaint, but showed that he didn’t care if nothing happened. Director Yan told Wen Shaoqing not to worry. Although the patient’s family took the hospital and Wen Shaoqing to court at the same time, there will be arrangements at the hospital and they want to hire a lawyer for Wen Shaoqing. Wen Shaoqing mentioned that there is Cong Rong beside him, but his hands are itchy and want to go to the operating table. Zhong Zhen and others brought breakfast to Wen Shaoqing, hoping to wait for him to return to the hospital soon.

Cong Rong sent a message to Wen Shaoqing, asking him to come to Daren Law Firm to sign a contract. After seeing Wen Shaoqing, Shangguan asked him about the fight, and Wen Shaoqing informed him of all the ins and outs. The Shangguan general Cong Rong walked away and opened the skylight with Wen Shaoqing to speak brightly. The two were just rivals in love. They were not pleasing to the eye and were not to be outdone. Shangguan asked the facts quickly and left the time to Wen Shaoqing and Cong Rong, but he was very unhappy in his heart.

Cong Rong took the entrustment contract to Wen Shaoqing for signature and reminded him to press the inkpad. Wen Shaoqing wanted to leave the first press on the inkpad for important things, but before she said the matter, Cong Rong blurted out, saying that there is no need to press her fingerprints for marriage. Cong Rong realized that he was impatient after speaking, and his face instantly blushed. Wen Shaoqing is a little worried, what if she can’t become a doctor again. Cong Rong cheered on Wen Shaoqing, and Wen Shaoqing wanted to kiss Cong Rong, so she received a call from Wen Rang.

Zhou Chengcheng invited Cong Rong out to start a new life. She planned to forget Wen Rong, but Cong Rong could see that Zhou Chengcheng was duplicity. Wen Rang went to Wen Shaoqing to talk to him, and Wen Shaoqing laughed at his own fruit. Wen Ran felt boring, and was ready to go back before eating.

Zhou Chengcheng drove Cong Rong home, and met Wen Rong downstairs at Cong Rong’s house. Because Wenrang’s bicycle broke down, Zhou Chengcheng offered to send him home. Wen Rang wanted to express his feelings in the car, Zhou Chengcheng never gave him a chance, and the two exchanged greetings in the car. Zhou Chengcheng changed his name to Uncle Wen Rang, which made Wen Rang really unaccustomed. Zhou Chengcheng mentioned Xiao Jiang. Wen Rang felt uncomfortable and asked to get out of the car.

Wen Rang returned to the bookstore, but the decoration next door was too noisy. The decorator was anxious to open the business and wanted to block the door of Wen Rang and the barbecue shop. Wen Rang became anxious, and the two of them were at odds with each other and started fighting. Zhou Chengcheng was drinking alcohol alone when he suddenly received a call from the renovation boss. When she came to the bookstore, she was very distressed when she saw Wen Rang’s body hurt, but she was still talking angry on purpose. Wen Rang didn’t know how to stay, and he originally said that Zhou Chengcheng would break up with his so-called boyfriend, but he swallowed it halfway through.

Cong Rong took the Shangguan to see the patient’s family. The patient asked Wen Shaoqing and the hospital to pay 600,000 yuan. Cong Rong couldn’t control his emotions. When the patient’s family left, they didn’t pay attention and knocked Cong Rong down. Cong Rong subconsciously landed his palm on the ground, and his face instantly turned pale. Qin Chu took Cong Rong to the hospital for filming, diagnosed with a fracture, and immediately called Wen Shaoqing.

There were too many people in the hospital, Wen Shaoqing couldn’t wait, and took Cong Rong directly to the hospital, saying that he would give Cong Rong a plaster himself. Cong Rong was a little worried. After all, Wen Shaoqing was not in orthopedics, and Wen Shaoqing made Cong Rong believe in himself. He had learned to put cast before.

Zhong Zhen yelled from the side and asked other colleagues to watch Wen Shaoqing’s cast demonstration. Cong Rong was embarrassed and said that he had been watched twice in the hospital, one for tooth extraction and one for plaster. Zhong Zhen accused Wen Shaoqing that Cong Rong should not be injured, and that as a boyfriend, he should always protect his girlfriend. Wen Shaoqing was very moved, knowing that Cong Rong was injured for herself.

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