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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 21 Recap

Wen Rang planned to leave after attending a friend’s wedding, but Xiao Jiang called to stop him. Xiao Jiang wanted to approach him by recommending books to Wen Rang, but Wen Rang treated him indifferently. Wen Rang saw the couple on the road and remembered that Zhou Chengcheng had previously recorded a micro-video for him and put it online. He took out his mobile phone, looked through the previous video, and thought of Zhou Chengcheng and himself.

Unconsciously, Wen Rang went to the downstairs where Zhou Chengcheng was hosting the party. He walked up and saw Zhou Chengcheng carelessly playing with the children, so he left with confidence. Zhou Chengcheng was touched and remembered the scene of flying a kite with Wen Rang, and she couldn’t help crying with her head.

Wen Shaoqing couldn’t drive because of a hand injury. Cong Rong was responsible for driving him to the hospital. Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the hospital, I saw a bunch of reporters in the lobby asking to interview Wen Shaoqing. Wen Shaoqing wanted to step up to the front, but Zhong Zhen stopped him and said that the director had something to do with him.

The director was very angry and accused Wen Shaoqing that she should not fight with her family because it is not easy for the hospital to train a doctor. Wen Shaoqing hoped that the director would not punish Zhong Zhen and other interns, so he was suspended by the director for one month. After Zhong Zhen and others found out, they were very sad and said they would wait for Wen Shaoqing to return. Before Wen Shaoqing left, he wrote down the situation of the patients he took over, reminding Zhong Zhen and others to pay attention.

Wen Shaoqing made a bunch of delicious foods after returning home, and when Cong Rong came back for dinner, he acted as if nothing had happened in front of Cong Rong and didn’t want to worry Cong Rong because of her suspension. Zhou Chengcheng got the party boss’s checkout, and when she was packing things, she had hallucinations. She heard Wen Rang singing. In her heart, Wen Rang is an unreachable person.

She knows that she has no results with Wen Rang, so she can only watch him shine from a distance, so she decides to leave Wen Rang, and she hopes in her heart silently. Stop writing such a sad collection of poems. Wen Rang figured it out. He was going to chase Zhou Chengcheng all the way. Watching the video on his phone, he knew that he could no longer hide his emotions. When he ran to the door of the building, he passed by Zhou Chengcheng.

Zhou Chengcheng decided to go home. Zhou’s father felt sorry for her. He knew that she was suffering outside and thought that something was not suitable for him. Wen Shaoqing was idle every day and had nothing to do. She made three sumptuous meals a day for Cong Rong, saying that she would take good care of her. The two were tired and crooked. Wen Shaoqing also sent Cong Rong to the bus station, but showed reluctance and kept following the bus. car.

Wen Rang always thought of Zhou Chengcheng in his heart. Someone called and said that Xiao Jiang had arranged a reading sharing session for “The Pavilion in the Clouds”. Wenjan returned to the bookstore and took out his guitar, reminding him of the two-year anniversary with Xiao Jiang. Xiaojiang worked to save money and bought the top-quality guitar for Wenrang, which moved Wenrang, but then Xiaojiang left Wenrang for his own development. Wen Rang packed up the guitar and returned it to Xiao Jiang, indicating that it was impossible for the two of them. Wen Rang felt relieved after making it clear, he had a choice in his heart, leaving Xiao Jiang regretful and crying.

Cong Rong repeatedly watched the video of the court trial. In order to play well in the online loan court, colleagues praised her for being mature. Shangguan was quite satisfied after reading Cong Rong’s report, but Cong Rong took a closer look at some points that needed to be revised, and Shangguan was unintentionally tempted again. Shangguan took out the chocolate that Cong Rong had given him, and he was satisfied with one.

Zhou Chengcheng packed the things in the barbecue shop and prepared to transfer them. Recalling the previous encounter with Wen Rang, she knew that even without Xiao Jiang, there would be no results for herself and Wen Rang. Wen Rang bought the crystal fish and wanted to give it to Zhou Chengcheng, but after seeing Zhou Chengcheng, he did not say what he wanted to say. Zhou Chengcheng returned “Mansion in the Clouds” to Wen Rang, saying that a boyfriend came to pick him up, and quickly got in the car and left, but Zhou’s father was in the car.

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