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My Little Happiness 我的小確幸 Episode 19 Recap

Cong Rong got angry and left Wen Shaoqing’s house. Zhong Zhen gave a warm reminder to remind Wen Shaoqing that the essay contest had begun. Wen Shaoqing kicked him out of the house and threw him the scarf gift box given by Shangguan. Cong Rong thought that she was passionate and shouldn’t ask for leave to make soup for Wen Shaoqing. She immediately cancelled the leave with Shangguan, and Shangguan invited her to eat out. During the meal, Wen Shaoqing kept calling Cong Rong, but Cong Rong hung up without answering in anger.

After finishing the meal and work, Cong Rong saw that Wen Shaoqing had not sent messages to himself, so he deliberately bought two foods, took pictures and sent them to Moments. After Wen Shaoqing saw it, he posted a photo of herself walking the dog. Cong Rong only hoped that Wen Shaoqing coaxed herself, and then sent another complaint to Moments, but accidentally didn’t set the permission, and everyone in Moments saw it. Fortunately, Zhong Zhen called to remind her.

Zhong Zhen hoped that the two would reconcile quickly and let Wen Shaoqing find a way to coax Cong Rong, but he did not expect that Wen Shaoqing would not coax people without experience. Wen Shaoqing asked Zhong Zhen to call Cong Rong and trick her out to celebrate her birthday. Cong Rong’s sixth sense of intuition suspected that Wen Shaoqing was next to Zhong Zhen. Zhong Zhen glanced at Wen Shaoqing’s eyes and immediately denied it with Cong Rong.

Cong Rong bought Zhong Zhen a birthday cake. Zhong Zhen foolishly said that it was the hazelnut flavor that Wen Shaoqing liked, and Cong Rong pretended not to hear it. When ordering, Zhong Zhen ordered a plate of Liuganjian according to Cong Rong’s favorite taste. Wen Shaoqing grabbed the recipe and directly ordered ten copies of Liuganjian, indicating that he could improve his eyesight. He said to Cong Rong, eat The tip of the liver can improve eyesight and brighten the eyes.

Cong Rong was unwilling to show weakness, he ordered a very spicy heart and lungs, thinking that people who are heartless should make more supplements. Zhong Zhen felt that he was caught in a fight between the two, and the others next to him were like eating melons, not knowing what happened. When Shangguan called, Cong Rong deliberately answered Wen Shaoqing loudly and simply, leaving a card for Zhong Zhen to consume.

After Wen Shaoqing got home, he knocked on the door of Cong Rong’s house, but no one opened the door. He only contacted Zhong Zhen to inquire, and learned that Cong Rong took Zhou Chengcheng out of the hotel to stay and did not go home at night. Wen Shaoqing called Zhou Chengcheng and wanted to apologize to Cong Rong, but he didn’t say what he said just now, which made Cong Rongbai happy. Cong Rong was full of expectation, and pretending to be calm and impatient to listen to Wen Shaoqing.

Zhou Chengcheng heard about Cong Rong and thought that Cong Rong, like Wen Shaoqing, were both naive ghosts, and being in love would make people lose their minds. She persuaded Cong Rong that maybe Wen Shaoqing didn’t mean to be jealous on purpose. After all, a man gave a scarf to a woman, which meant that he wanted to pester the woman. After listening to Zhou Chengcheng’s guidance, Cong Rong felt that the same was true. He said that he would wait for some time to explain clearly to Teacher Shangguan and return the scarf.

Jingjing saw that Cong Rong looked sad, and knew that she was still having trouble with Wen Shaoqing, and said that she could give her an idea. Shangguan overheard the conversation between the two. Jingjing worried that Shangguan had a bad impression of him, so he took the initiative to explain to his office, and also said that Cong Rong already had a boyfriend who was Wen Shaoqing. Shangguan was very angry when he heard it, but deliberately suppressed his emotions, just clenching his fists tightly.

Cong Rong returned home and wanted to listen to Wen Shaoqing’s movement at the door. He didn’t expect to run into Wen Rang who came back, and he still took Rang Yiren. Wen Rang hopes that Cong Rong can help take care of Rang Yiren and tell her about Wen Shaoqing’s surgical cut. Cong Rong was a little nervous when he heard it, and showed concern, and even called Zhong Zhen to ask about Wen Shaoqing’s situation. Cong Rong was a little moved when he saw Wen Shaoqing’s portrait on the table.

Zhou Chengcheng was in charge of helping friends to do outdoor bachelor night parties. He didn’t expect to meet Wen Rang and also saw Xiao Jiang. Wen Rang’s classmates deliberately brought Wen Rang and Xiao Jiang together and asked them to talk and sing together. Zhou Chengcheng was watching, thinking of what Wen Rang said before, she was sad and weeping.

Wen Rang was not in the mood. He had been paying attention to Zhou Chengcheng, but Xiao Jiang deliberately called him to his face, expressing that he wanted to get back with him, and he wanted to kiss Wen Rang in front of Zhou Chengcheng. Wen Rang pushed Xiaojiang away, but this scene was blocked by fireworks, and Zhou Chengcheng did not see it. When Wen Rang looked back at Zhou Chengcheng again, Zhou Chengcheng had already got himself drunk, and he hurried over to hug Zhou Chengcheng.

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