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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 14 Recap

As soon as Yingtong released the report, Yuan Wei personally went to Fengyuan Group to negotiate with Wang Chongyang, and asked the other party to unconditionally renew the Ruidong trademark for ten years, otherwise he would face ten times the compensation according to the terms of the licensing contract. .

Lin Zhongshuo wanted to make up for the mistakes he had reported before and the harm he had done to Wang Chongyang, so he begged Yuan Wei to let the Fengyuan Group go. After all, Wang Chongyang could only make a comeback through sharp movements. However, Yuan Wei hated him for his affection for his clients and for himself. Ruthless.

After repeated consideration, Wang Chongyang agreed to Yuan Wei’s conditions and at the same time applied to the court to withdraw the lawsuit. Yuan Wei fought a beautiful turnaround, and Baihuang Group won a big victory. Not only did it obtain the ten-year renewal right of the Ruidong trademark, it also reached a cooperative relationship with Hongwei Public Relations. Fang Li praised all employees of the company for this, Qian Lei was still the head of the public relations team, and Wu Fang was promoted to account manager, which caused controversy among other old employees.

Qin Feng told Huo Weilun of the situation of his private investigation, and then guessed that Lin Zhongshuo and Yuan Wei had been a couple, and they must have impure motives in this matter. Huo Weilun firmly believed in Lin Zhongshuo’s character and warned Qin Feng not to engage in small moves.

Xu Wenwen always thinks that there are many strange things about this incident, especially the identity of the mysterious whistleblower, which makes her feel suspicious. Considering that Lin Zhongshuo defeated his opponent in this incident, Xu Wenwen was a little worried. She invited him to dinner. By the way, she learned about the situation of Fengyuan Group and wondered if there was still room for maneuver.

Lin Zhongshuo received the news and rushed to Fengyuan Group. Through Wang Chongyang, he learned that the Ruidong trademark had been preemptively registered. This person was named Fan Wei, and the university professor changed to go to sea for business. Wang Chongyang entrusted Lin Zhongshuo to help him find Fan Wei, but he did not expect Yuan Wei to be suspicious about Fengyuan Group’s failure to send the renewal documents, and accidentally learned of the trademark preemptive registration.

Because of the emergence of Fan Wei, Fengyuan Group and Baihuang Group have returned to the same starting line. Regardless of whether they are high or low, it only depends on who can buy the trademark from a third party first. Lin Zhongshuo found out the address of the third party in advance. He planned to find Fan Wei overnight. However, there were no tickets available for air and high-speed rail, so he had to arrange it until tomorrow morning.

Fang Li used Wu Fang to inquire about Xia Mo. At first, Wu Fang didn’t want to be a spy, but she was affected by Fang Li’s brainwashing, coupled with the newly acquired manager position, after all, she was still shaken. That night, Wu Fang couldn’t make a conversation, so he sneaked into the room to check the mail while the other party was taking a bath, he finalized Lin Zhongshuo’s movements, and then reported to Fang Li.

Xu Wenwen remembered that the reason for Lin Zhongshuo’s resignation was related to the Pengxiang air crash. She was about to turn on the computer to check the news of the year, but Lin Zhongshuo suddenly came to borrow the WiFi password, and he almost saw the clue. Yuan Wei found that Fan Wei had an auction house in Xi’an, so he immediately contacted Fang Li, and the two rushed to find Fan Wei before Lin Zhongshuo arrived.

When Lin Zhongshuo arrived at Fan Wei’s house, he saw Yuan Wei’s car parked at the door, feeling uneasy at first glance, and then forcibly rushed back to the living room. In the end, he was a step late and watched Yuan Wei and Fang Li leave with signed contracts. Lin Zhongshuo asked Fan Wei to give himself some more time, because behind this trademark was actually a story about a company that made a mistake and wanted to redeem, but Fan Wei rejected Lin Zhongshuo’s request from the standpoint of a businessman.

Lin Zhongshuo returned in disappointment. Xia Mo suddenly remembered Wu Fang’s strange behavior last night and the email page that was opened, and immediately suspected that a good girlfriend had stolen her information. Xia Mo dared not tell Lin Zhongshuo, and went home to question Wu Fang, and the two had a big fight over this matter.

When Huo Weilun heard that the trademark had been obtained by Yuan Wei and Fang Li, Qin Feng continued to make small reports in Huo Weilun’s ears, making various malicious speculations about Lin Zhongshuo. Lin Zhongshuo, who was frustrated, told Xu Wenwen the real reason why he did public relations, hoping to help more people who have experienced the crisis of public opinion, and atonement for his mistakes.

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