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Game Changer 紧急公关 Episode 13 Recap

After this incident, everyone in the public relations department held a welcoming ceremony for Lin Zhongshuo when he rushed to work. Xia Mo walked out of the shadows, and Marin returned to calm. Even Huo Weilun admired Lin Zhongshuo and admired him a lot, but Qin Feng was still unwilling. He put on a stinky face all day and could smell it.

Now that Lin Zhongshuo’s reputation has skyrocketed, customers have come here. It happened that a food company named Fengyuan had a deep relationship with him. If it weren’t for his previous report on illegal use of additives, I’m afraid there would be no more current ones Crisis affairs. CEO Wang Chongyang was released from prison after serving his sentence, so he took the initiative to contact Gao Feng and instructed Lin Zhongshuo to help him deal with it.

Eight years ago, Fengyuan Group developed a beverage. Since the sports functional beverage market had not yet emerged at that time, it has not been able to make any achievements. It simply authorized the “Ruidong” trademark to Baihuang Group for production. Later, Fengyuan Group discovered that Baihuang had violated the licensing contract and even derived a series of products through Ruidong’s brand, which constituted a serious infringement, so it decided to terminate the trademark licensing contract.

Yuan Wei, as the legal adviser representing Baihuang Group, took into account the chances of winning the lawsuit, and simply went to inform Fang Li, hoping that public relations and legal affairs would cooperate to try to reach a settlement with Fengyuan Group. However, Fang Li did not support the reconciliation, the two had different views, and the conversation was not pleasant.

From a public relations perspective, Lin Zhongshuo and Huo Weilun wanted to protect the brand, so they persuaded Wang Chongyang to avoid lawsuits. However, Wang Chongyang and his counsel, Julian, rejected Lin Zhongshuo’s proposal and insisted on fighting against Baihuang to the end and reclaiming the Ruidong brand. Seeing Wang Chongyang’s resolute attitude, Lin Zhongshuo had to leave first, but unexpectedly saw Yuan Wei at the gate of the group.

Because of the appearance of Lin Zhongshuo, Yuan did not completely dispel the idea of ​​reconciliation, and decided on the spot to confront the Fengyuan Group in court. Before the media reported it, Fang Li first announced the matter, and guided public opinion to the Baihuang Group under the brand of family affection, and discredited Fengyuan’s image in everyone’s hearts.

Julian and Yuan Wei each represented the group in the court battle. Lin Zhongshuo and Fang Li also arranged public relations matters for the next step. In terms of law, the Fengyuan Group did have the upper hand because of the fact that the other party was infringing. In public opinion, the Fengyuan Group was at a loss. The outside world believed that Fengyuan saw the market value of the Ruidong trademark too high and wanted to grab it.

Xu Wenwen wanted to hear about the Fengyuan Group, so she broke into Lin Zhongshuo’s house to watch the game on the grounds that the TV was broken, and then asked about the infringement case. Originally, Lin Zhongshuo wanted to wait for the lawsuit to be won and reshape the brand of Ruidong. However, the lawsuit had not yet determined the outcome, and an accident suddenly occurred.

Lin Zhongshuo and Xu Wenwen bet that he was willing to lose the bet, and his ring finger went to work with a ring, but he was teased by everyone. Several people were happy and a few people were sad, especially Xia Mo. After get off work, Lin Zhongshuo accompanied Xu Wenwen to the supermarket, and inadvertently discovered that Baihuang Group had launched a new beverage to replace Ruidong.

Perceiving the intention of the Baihuang Group, Lin Zhongshuo rushed back to the company to inform Huo Weilun of the real intention of the Baihuang Group. Xu Wenwen called to inform everyone that he was going to report on the best news. At the same time, Lin Zhongshuo took Huo Weilun to Wang Chongyang. Yuan did not know Fang Li’s thoughts, and finally understood that Hongwei PR was deliberately using the lawsuit to create a hype.

Eagle Eye Studio received an anonymous e-mail, which was full of unknown secrets of the Fengyuan Group. It turned out that as early as Wang Chongyang’s imprisonment, the management of the Fengyuan Group was in chaos, and he even mortgaged the Ruidong trademark to the bank. The trademark has been redeemed, but Fengyuan violated the license agreement first. Xu Wenwen knew that exposing the incident would be detrimental to Lin Zhongshuo, but out of the reporter’s objective standpoint, she decided to publish the incident.

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