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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 3 Recap

The coincidence of coincidence is no different than in the drama when Tawan (Pie-Rinlada) finds that Jiew (Scene-Pastharakorn), a close friend, is a housewife at the Javelin house. Tawan told Jiew the story of forging as the bride of the Javelin. And begged Jiw to keep it a secret.

Sutee (Bright – Rapeepong), a young friend who has been in love with the sun for a long time, became frustrated when he learned the truth from Jiw. But Jiew was immediately sad because Jiew secretly had a heart for Suthee as well

On the side, the Yadfa family made an appointment with the Javelin family to come to eat at home and meet together. Javelin that doesn’t want to marry But want to win Because Tawan offered an ultimatum that if he did not marry, then he had to pay the dowry. He began to think only about the sun. But also claimed that because he did not like And want to get married and get divorced soon But there is one thing that Javelin admits is Tawan seems to like watching dramas. And understand the drama like him

When agreeing to marry Javelin wants Tawan to meet with his sister, Little (Kate – Marilyn Kate) who is very jealous of her brother. And on a very heavy rampage Javelin thinks that if Tawan gets married, he must pass a few checkpoints first. By making less, accept it first.

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