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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 2 Recap

When coming back to the house of Javelin, I can only sit, think, lie down and think that the arranged marriage is not correct. And cannot accept this method Javelin calls Yeawawan Tawan (Pi-Rinrada), who he thinks is the raindrops. Tawan did not know what to do so followed the water And hate the javelin So I accidentally told me that I would never cancel the wedding.

Home side (Pear-Pitchapha) is in chaos. Because the blue drops confirm that they do not marry the javelin for sure Because he draws a picture that the head of the head is likely to be ugly, black, rural, Yad Blue also brings a fan play (Tui-Kiatkamol) to introduce romanticism (Kik-Mayurin) and Yod (Pang-Prait) know which looks amazing Will come to break more But romanticism and drops do not know what to do.

The sun itself is now in extremely difficult. Because the mother is sick, entering the hospital requires a lot of money. Accidentally learned that Yadfa House was in trouble with Icicles refusing to be the bride of the Javelin. Tawan Loei volunteered to pretend to be a bride instead. Because the Javelin believed so already But asking for money Which romanticism with drops also falls Because now the state at home is bad And want to get money from the javelin house as well The process of deception has begun!

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