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Wife on Duty เมียจำเป็น Episode 1 Recap

Javelin, fragrant young man, rich house who loves to watch live dramas! But sad because life is more real than drama when parents say they have to get married urgently With my dear friend daughter like blue who have never seen each other before. Javelin offers an ultimatum not to marry. But the parents submitted a hundred reasons to marry The mother who is Khun Sawai then uses cold water to rub that if they meet each other and do not like it, do not have to dress.

Javelin Loei traveled from Phuket to Bangkok. Immediately went to the house To find that wife’s face And to terminate this arranged marriage contract But when he reached the javelin, he met a person who thought it was blue, but actually was Tawan, an online maid who came to work in the house It was not possible that the sun was impersonating you at all. Because the Javelin understands and believes so Because the beauty of the sun sneaked into his eyes So what’s going to be like to cancel the wedding?

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