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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 26 Recap

Wei Han watched Wang Yan to leave, and told her not to leak the slightest noise. Mrs. Wei also personally sent Wang Yan to Ci’an Temple. On the way, she asked Wang Yan what would Wang Yan do if Wei Han didn’t follow Wang Yan’s words, and Wang Yan also told the truth. To be honest, Mrs. Wei was not angry when she said that she might suffer some skin and flesh pains. She also praised that Wang Yan should act decisively when encountering a crisis.

She also said that although Wei Han is a well-known filial son, she would definitely not Rescuing her broke the righteousness, she was about to arrive at Ci’an Temple, but at this moment, chasing soldiers came, and the two hurriedly got off the car and entered the Ci’an Temple. The chasing soldiers only saw the princess and old lady Wei. He dared not offend anyone, so he had to leave, and Wang Yan hurried back to the palace through the tunnel.

Before Wang Zhang arrived, the emperor had been hanging his heart. Hearing that Zilu was about to come in, he could only resign himself to his fate. Fortunately, Zilu’s hand came down to report that the two courtiers who had been hung up by Zilu were dead. The ministers were enthusiastic, and Zilu turned his head and walked towards the hall.

On the way, the men on the road said that someone had seen Wang Yan outside, and Zilu couldn’t take care of the affairs of the hall, so he hurried back and went straight to the emperor’s bed. Taking Wang Yan’s chance, Wang Yan rushed back and lay down in front of the emperor’s bed, as if he had been exhausted all night. Seeing that Wang Yan’s skirt corners were stained, the emperor deliberately stained Wang Yan’s skirt corners and let She hurried back to change her clothes, and Zilu warned Wang Yan not to play tricks.

After Wang Yan went back, Zidan was very worried when she saw that she hadn’t returned all night, but Wang Yan said that if Zidan really worried about herself, he should be outside the palace at this moment, doing everything possible to stop Zilu, Zidan’s stupid self-surrender The net was useless, and it couldn’t keep anyone. Zidan had only his children in his heart, but Wang Yan was not. Zidan was greatly shocked by these words. Here, Zilu asked the emperor to see the emperor’s body, and the emperor said that the emperor could not survive this winter.

In Guiwu Valley, King Jianning saw the wolf smoke at Taniguchi. He thought that Duke Huan had succeeded, so he sent people into the Ghostwu Valley. Who knew that Xiao Qi had prepared a spear and arrow array long ago, and he waited for King Jianning to come in and King Jianning. He was caught off guard, but he quickly adjusted his formation and ordered the soldiers to break through. Once they got close, the arrow formation would be useless.

However, Xiao Qi had a back move and ordered his subordinates to throw the cupping pot, and let him lift Huan Gong and Jian Ning. Wang looked at Huan Gong, whose life and death were unknown, and knew that his strategy with Huan Kilometers away had failed. He quickly ordered the withdrawal of troops. Ning Shuo’s army pursued the victory. King Jian Ning fled in a hurry. Unexpectedly, there was Xiao Qi’s army in Taniguchi.

Even though the outcome has been divided, King Jian Ning is still struggling to die. He wants to go head-to-head with Xiao Qi, but he is caught alive by Xiao Qi. King Jian Ning is defeated, but he wants to die more clearly, and Xiao Qi also Without hiding, I told King Jian Ning what he had done. King Jian Ning was convinced, and Xiao Qi persuaded King Ning to surrender, but King Jian Ning said that he would rather die. Without doing anything, he gave the sword to King Jian Ning. King Jian Ning claws himself in front of Ning Shuo’s army. Xiao Qi ordered King Jian Ning to be buried and ordered to return to Beijing immediately.

Song Huaien arrived at the Gyeonggi camp and took out the tiger charm and secret edict, but was caught by the army led by General Lu in the camp. General Lu took Song Huaien into the prison for interrogation.

In the palace, Zilu suddenly took the emperor to the imperial garden for a walk, and said that he wanted to do his best to do his filial piety. The emperor naturally did not believe it. Zilu said that when he was a child, he envied the prince and Zidan, and talked about his grievances. I got a compliment from the emperor, studied hard, and got the first place in the emperor’s monthly test. However, in order to appease the royal family, the emperor promised his Huan Mi to Wang Su. From then on, Zilu began to hate the emperor.


  1. I don’t understand the language and since I like the drama I watch the chapters in advance. Someone tell me in chapter 30 and at 8:07 the general walked in the rain. Who did the general visit? Does it mean that he has a hidden son?


  2. I really appreciate the summaries of the online tv drama by chapters. I tried to read the original book online but the translation is very bad and I realized that the tv drama is not the same as the book but I understood a lot of things that they try to explain in a veiled way in the television drama. For example in the book it says that the princess when she got married she was 15 years old and she had to wait 3 years to really meet the general. They had never met before. She was abandoned for 3 years, no wonder she was depressed and it was a great offense to her pride. She escaped from the capital to a rural village in shame and was the subject of gossip from the nobles. In the translations of subtitles sometimes not everything is understood and the summary per chapter that you do is very enlightening. I am the type of person who would rather read a book than watch the version of it on television. I liked this drama and your summaries are really very valuable. Thanks a lot. I also want to tell you that I am Latin American and I speak and write very little English and I don’t know any Chinese but I like Chinese dramas a lot.


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