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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 25 Recap

The emperor said that there was a secret place in the palace. The emperors of the past dynasties passed on word of mouth. The emperor asked Wang Yan if he did not know where the empress dowager was buried. Wang said that in accordance with the rules of the imperial family, it should be buried in the imperial tomb. The queen of Emperor King Sukjong, in order to seize the throne, killed her brother King King, the Queen Mother Dexuan left the palace in anger and took refuge in Ci’an Temple.

Therefore, Emperor Sukjong gave Ci’an Temple the imperial temple. Empress Dowager Dexuan refused to be buried after her death. The imperial mausoleum, Suzong had no choice but to secretly build the Ci’an Temple underground palace for burial. There are two exits in this underground palace, one at Ci’an Temple and the other at the Emperor’s bedroom. The emperor asked Wang Yan to secretly exit through the exit.

After the emperor and Wang Yan had finished talking about this, Zilu came to the emperor’s bedroom and couldn’t wait to ask him to write the edict. The emperor was tired and refused to write the edict to Zilu. Zilu was furious and overturned the person in front of him. The chessboard, so that the emperor should not try to delay time and play tricks, but the emperor said that he would not be at peace in his life. He hoped that Zilu would give him three days and let him live a peaceful life for three days.

In order to impress Zilu, the emperor even used pleading Zilu was shocked by the wording. He felt that His Majesty, the emperor’s superior, had a day to beg him. He asked if he would beg the emperor one day, would the emperor forgive him. The emperor said he would. After all, Zilu is also his support. The son of more than 20 years, Zilu felt soft for a while and was deeply touched. He gave the emperor three days.

On the way back to Fengchi Palace, Wang Yan saw the Queen’s Zhaoyang Palace and the people coming and going. After asking, he knew that the Queen had been in jail. Now it was Huan Mi who lived in Zhaoyang Palace. Zilu went to the imprisonment to meet with Wang Lin. Wang Lin admitted that he had been slow for a while and failed to see Zilu’s conspiracy.

However, Zilu said that the worst thing Wang Lin did was to get Wang Yu to marry Huan Mi. Wang Su was a little nervous, worried that Zi Lu would be disadvantageous to Huan Mi. After seeing Zi Lu’s reaction, he realized that Zi Lu liked Huan Mi. Wang Su was deeply insulted by him and secretly determined to take revenge.

Late at night, the servant informed Zilu that the emperor was ill and he was very guarded. He was only willing to take the medicine that Wang Yan fed. Zilu told Wang Yan to go to the emperor’s bedroom. Wang Yan knew that the emperor’s move was to let himself have Opportunity to escape from the palace, she found an excuse to withhold everyone. After Zilu and the others left, the emperor opened the tunnel for Wang Yan, and told Wang Yan where the tiger symbol was, and told her to be at dawn. Come back before.

Wang Yan walked alone in the dark and damp tunnel, while the emperor waited nervously in the sleeping hall. Wang Yan found the place the emperor said, and successfully obtained the tiger charm, and went to the Ci’an Temple to find the princess, and told Zilu about the rebellion. He said that he would rush to the Xijiao Camp overnight, and asked Aunt Xu to find Song Huaien. The princess was worried about Wang Yan’s safety and did not want her to go back in danger. Wang Yan knew that if he did not go back, everyone Will die. Wang Yan and Song Huai’en got together smoothly. Song Huaien also informed the news that Panggui had brought back.

The two rushed to the General Wei Han’s mansion, arrested Mrs. Wei, and went to the tower to suggest that Wei Han would find a quiet place to discuss. Wei Han recognized Wang Yan, and worried about his mother, so he could only go to the barracks to talk with Wang Yan. Wang Yan took out the tiger charm and the emperor’s secret edict. Wei Han was shocked. In just two days, two completely different secret edicts had arrived.

He told a martial artist, and he didn’t know which edict to trust. Wang Yan said that the two secret edicts were both true, but at this moment and then, Wang Yan told Wei Han the whole story, begging Wei Han to go out of the city to find a large camp in the suburbs of Beijing to help the emperor in the chaos in Beijing, but Wei Han did not Worried about being cheated. Wang Zhang invited Mrs. Wei, who told Wei Han that she was not wronged, and then persuaded her son to help Wang Zan.

Wei Han was persuaded, but now Wang Yan can’t make it back to the palace after leaving the city. She can only hand over the tiger charm and secret edict to Song Huai’en to let him do it, and find a way to inform Xiao Qi to beware of Huan Gong, which is equivalent to The fate of Dacheng Jiangshan was handed over to Song Huai’en, and Song Huai’en quickly knelt down to ensure that he would fulfill his mission.

In Ghost Wu Valley, a masked man put medicine on the water in the valley. Xiao Qi and others had not heard from Song Huai’en for a long time. They all guessed that something happened in the capital, worried that something happened to Wang Yan, Xiao Qi calmly and calmly just ordered Tomorrow, his soldiers will face King Jian Ning, but Hu Yao came to report that half of the soldiers were ill.

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