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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 24 Recap

Zilu asked him to take Zidan to Wang Yan’s residence. Zidan found that Wang Yan was okay, so he relaxed. He also said that this was his happiest day in more than a year. Even if he could be alone with Wang Yan To die tomorrow, he also felt it was worth it. Wang Yan was a little annoyed by Zidan and persuaded Zidan that he had more important things to do now.

General Lin and General Huang under Huan Gong pretended to be drunk and wanted to go into the mountain to investigate the fictitious reality of Ning Shuo’s army. However, Xiao Qi refused to show off Gong Huan and ordered them to be blamed for one hundred on the grounds that they had violated military discipline. He was dying and was dragged back to the camp of Huangong. Seeing that the two were not doing well, he said that he would avenge the two, so he turned his head and killed them, saying that the two had violated military discipline and beheaded to show their example. .

Zilu kept the courtiers in the Tai Chi Hall for a day and night. All the courtiers protested, but Zilu was very tough. He also ordered the two ministers to hang up, and ordered his men to directly hang the two ministers alive. Don’t let them down. After doing this, Zilu went to the emperor to confront the emperor. The emperor couldn’t bring out the tiger talisman. Naturally, Zilu no longer pretended to be filial to the emperor.

Zilv believed that he had a chance to win, and even confessed to the emperor that he was King Jianning. Sons, not the emperor’s own flesh and blood. The emperor couldn’t stand the stimulus for a while and couldn’t believe this fact. Zilu triumphantly said that one of the emperor’s two biological sons had already been imprisoned, and the other had a chance to escape, but for the king. Yan took the initiative to enter the palace.

The emperor persuaded Zi Lunian to nurture his grace, letting go of the prince and Zidan. Back then, King Jianning failed to seize the maternal grandfather. He also read about brothers’ affection. He didn’t want King Ning’s life. Zilu took the opportunity to make a request. Saying that he wants the emperor’s edict, he wants a righteous word.

In Ghost Wu Valley, King Jian Ning’s army and Ning Shuo army yelled at each other in front of the formation. Hu Yao rushed to report and said that there was a cave in the back mountain. Although it could not pass thousands of troops, there were enough troops to sneak in. Xiao Qi now felt confident in his heart.

After Wang Jianning learned that Zilu had succeeded, he sent a letter to Huangong, saying that two days were the limit, he wanted Huangong to reconcile himself with the inside and outside, and the battle would determine the universe, but Huangong was very troubled. Xiao Qi refused to send troops and he could not cooperate. , Now I can only hope that Xiao Qi will be unable to hold back sending troops when he learns that Wang Yan is in distress.

Zilu went to Fengchi Palace again to show the king to see the emperor. When Zilu saw Zilu, he scolded him. Zilu didn’t see Zidan’s arrogance and arrogance. Zidan’s father was kind and loving since he was a child. Growing up in love, even if he doesn’t fight for Zidan, the emperor will fight for Zidan. In Zilu’s view, the tragic death of Concubine Xie and the separation of Zidan and Wang Yan are all Zidan’s own faults, losing power, Zidan He won’t even have the right to fight for and protect a woman. Zidan is unmoved, saying that Zilven will avenge her. When she was a child, Zilu was humiliated. It was Zidan and Wang Yan who helped him. He didn’t expect to be so humiliated now.

When Wang Yan arrived at the emperor’s palace, the emperor was now lying on the bed with a dying breath. He Zilu said that he was going to reminisce with Wang Yan. After he had no worries, he would naturally give Zilu an edict and a will. Zilu worried that the emperor would repent and refused to go out. , But the servants reported that the courtiers were making trouble again, and Zilu had to leave first. The emperor made a look of repentance and pitifulness in front of Wang Zhang.

After all, Wang Zhang felt sorry for the emperor and chose to forgive the emperor. The two began to play chess as usual. Since the last game, everything has changed. Soon, Wang Zhang won the emperor in the game, but the emperor had something to say that things could turn around. Now he can believe it. Only Wang Zang.

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