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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 23 Recap

Zilu’s men saw that Pang Gui was from the Wang family, and Zilu heard that it was the Wang family. He was afraid that things would be revealed, so he prepared to take the initiative. On the other side, Song Huai’en couldn’t find Pang Gui’s whereabouts. Wang Yan felt that this matter had nothing to do with Huan Mi, so Song Huai’en sent someone to keep an eye on Huan Mi.

In the palace, the prince summoned his officials and said that various places had written to ask Wang Lin to seal the nine tins to show his respect. The officials talked a lot, but in the emperor’s palace, Zilu had secretly used the emperor’s token to kill everyone in the palace. It was replaced by his own, and the Shadow Guard soldiers and horses were still ambushing in secret.

The gift of the Nine Tins was when they started. The ceremony of the Nine Tins is about to come. Wang Xu was patrolling the palace, but was coaxed into the Queen’s Palace. He was shot and killed by an ambush archer on the way. Soon, the Tai Chi Hall rang, and the prince led a group of courtiers. When he arrived at the hall, Wang Lin also ordered people to prepare his troops and horses.

After he went to the hall, he did not salute the emperor. He directly asked Zilu what he wanted to do for holding the emperor into the hall. Zilu knew that Wang Lin was suing the wicked first, so he told everyone. The official said that the emperor was in good health, and that Wang Lin had bought the imperial doctor and said that the emperor was crazy.

The two were tit-for-tat, and the two teams of soldiers and horses were facing each other in the temple, but Wang Lin said calmly that the entire imperial city was surrounded by the large army groups of all battalions in Gyeonggi. Even if Zilu took him and the queen today, Zilu could not escape. While talking, there were several whistles outside the hall, Zi Lu laughed as soon as he heard it, and asked where General Wu Wei was.

A soldier carried Wang Xu’s head to the temple. The Imperial Army was already under the control of Zi Lu. Zi Lu saw that he succeeded. Ordered the Wang family and the prince to be imprisoned. Wang Lin did not collapse. Seeing that Zilu was prepared so well, he knew that Zilu’s ambition was not just to help the emperor regain power. He bluntly said that he would watch their father and son play in the jail. The emperor listened to Wang Lin. I was shocked at the words, but I couldn’t refute it at this moment.

After Zilu took power, someone sent the emperor’s verbal order to let Wang Yan enter the palace. Song Huai’en led his troops to resist, but was stopped by Wang Yan. Wang Yan knew that he could not disobey the order, so he could only tell Song Huai’en before he left to make him think. Ways to send letters to Xiao Qi, and to protect the safety of everyone in the palace.

After the emperor Zilufu returned to the sleeping hall, he proposed to take the tiger amulet to eradicate the Wang clan’s power. The emperor said that the tiger amulet was not in the palace. Zilu persuaded the emperor to take out the tiger amulet. He cooperated and stopped acting and left with a cold face.

At night, Zilu’s men surrounded Xiangfu and sent people to catch Zidan. Su Jiner happened to meet the soldiers waiting at the gate of Zidan. She wanted to report to Zidan. Zidan heard about the accident in the palace. Wang Zhang was also taken into the palace, and he went to the palace to rescue Wang Zhang regardless of his own safety. At this time, Pang Gui, who was seriously injured, returned to the palace. Song Huai’en hurriedly healed him. Pang Gui took out the secret letter and told Song Huai’en of the conspiracy of Huan Gong and Zi Lu, asking him to tell Wang Yan.

In the barracks, Huan Gong and Xiao Qi had different opinions. Huan Gong asked Xiao Qi to station in Ghost Wu Valley. Xiao Qi compromised. As soon as Huan Gong heard the news, he let his hand go down to inform King Jian Ning. Soon, King Jian Ning’s The army surrounded Ning Shuo Army in the Ghost Wu Valley, but they did not fight. Xiao Qi knew that King Jian Ning must have an internal response in the Ning Shuo Army. He asked King Jian Ning’s movements to be passed on to Huan Gong and asked Huan Gong to do the same. To prepare, Hu Yao was called again and whispered to her.

Wang Zhang was taken into the palace and saw Zi Lu. After learning that the changes in the palace were planned by Zi Lu, Wang Zhang suddenly didn’t know Zi Lu, but Zi Lu said that no one had really known him before. For the triumphant Zilu, Wang Yan said that after Xiao Qi defeated King Jian Ning, Zilu could no longer do anything wrong, but Zilu had already planned to use Wang Yan to threaten Xiao Qi. Wang Yan said that if he really would become a burden, Then she would kill herself, and would not let Zilu succeed. After seeing Wang Yan, Zilu listened to his generals to report the current situation. While the generals guessed that Zidan had escaped, the next people came to report that Zidan had entered the palace.

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