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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 22 Recap

Wang Xu reported to Wang Lin the results of the investigation of Wen Zongshen. As expected, Wen Zongshen was involved in Xie Yuan’s affairs. Now that Wen Zongshen has been imprisoned and Xie Yuan is also dead, Wang Xu feels that the time for rebellion has come, but he is cautious. Wang Lin did not waver, saying that he had made arrangements for the Nine Tin Gifts. Wang Xu was a little worried about the Queen’s mental state.

Wang Lin comforted Wang Xu and said that he felt that the Queen was no longer in trouble. But after seeing Wang Xu, Wang Lin went to the Queen’s Palace. When the queen saw Wang Lin visiting late at night, she was a little puzzled. Wang Lin’s words touched on the queen and asked the queen not to be cautious with Wen Zong. The queen promised that she was going there for the prince. The prison drew on Wen Zongshen, and Wang Lin left, but after Wang Lin left, the queen asked his servants to follow Wang Lin secretly to see where Wang Lin went.

After Wang Lin came out of the Queen’s Palace, he went to the Tianchao to find Wen Zongshen. After the queen’s servants reported Wang Lin’s whereabouts, the queen was a little worried that Wang Lin would attack Wen Zongshen, and hurried to the Tianchao. Wang Lin brought Wen Zongshen. Wine and food, I want to win over Wen Zongshen again, but Wen Zongshen is very firm, vowing to the death not to cooperate with Wang Lin.

Wen Zongshen thinks that the wine Wang Lin brought is poisonous wine. When he is about to die, the queen appears to prevent Wen Zongshen from drinking the glass. Liquor, the queen was a little anxious, and some strong demands that Wang Lin could not kill Wen Zongshen in any way. Wang Lin laughed when he saw it, said three good words, and drank the wine on his own. Not really killing Wen Zongshen, but to test the Queen’s attitude towards Wen Zongshen.

Here Huan Gong’s generals brought food and grass to Xiao Qi’s barracks. Xiao Qi quickly led people to greet him. Xiao Qi learned from the general that the food and grass were sent by Wang Lin’s Huan Gong, and the edict was the prince and king. As Lin planned, he was a little skeptical. Xiao Qi’s men were given food and grass, and they all persuaded Xiao Qi to dispatch troops to destroy King Jianning, but Xiao Qi felt that he had no contact with Huan Gong, and worried that Huan Gong was not sincerely coming to help this time. After thinking for a while, Xiao Qi ordered to march eighty li to face King Jian Ning, and then sent someone back to the court, and sent a letter back to Wang Yan.

In the palace, Wang Zhang was taking care of Yuxiu’s bed. She saw that Yuxiu was still yelling in the high fever, letting herself run away, and she was moved. When she was used by her relatives, hurt, and her heart was really fragile, she got Yuxiu. Xiu’s true feelings were missed, and Wang Zhang was grateful for Yu Xiu’s true feelings, and decided to treat Yu Xiu as his sister. She stayed for several nights, and Yu Xiu finally survived the crisis of life and death and woke up.

Zilu secretly sent a secret letter to Huan Mi. The secret letter was hidden in the snack. When Huan Mi was about to break the snack to check, Wang Su suddenly came in. Huan Mi was taken aback and hurriedly asked Wang Su what he was doing. People hurriedly took the snack and wanted to retreat, but Wang Su stopped him and stretched out his hand to eat the snack.

Huan Mi looked at Wang Su in fear. Fortunately, Wang Su only took a small bite and began to order Huan Mi to prepare Wang Su. Wang Su originally wanted Huan Mi to eat with him, but Huan Mi ruthlessly refused. Wang Su was so angry that he dropped a snack and left. Huan Mi escaped, and fell to the ground in shock and fear. Some of the maid complained for Huan Mi, saying that Huan Mi’s birthday would be tomorrow, but Wang Su only remembered Wang Yan’s birthday. Huan Mi took out a secret letter, and it was Zilu who asked her to meet tomorrow.

After Yuxiu recovered, Wang Yan took Yuxiu back to the mansion. On the way back to the mansion, Wang Yan saw Huan Mi got on a strange carriage. She was suspicious, and asked Pang Gui to follow Huan Mi secretly. Where he went, Pang Gui went all the way to Zilu’s secret residence in the suburbs. He saw the affair between the two and overheard the conversation between Zilu and Huanmi. Zilu told Huanmi that now, Huangong pretended to be with Wang.

Lin and Xiao Qi formed an alliance and waited for the opportunity. They planned to give Ning Shuo’s army a fatal blow during the decisive battle. Xiao Qi couldn’t have imagined that he would be defeated by reinforcements. Zilu laughed arrogantly, but he didn’t expect the wall to have ears. He was heard by Pang Gui. After Zilu left, Pang Gui looked around and found a few secret letters. Pang Gui was about to take the letter back, but he was surrounded by Zilu’s men.

After Wang Yan returned to the mansion, Song Huai’en handed the letter to Wang Yan. Su Jin’er returned to the mansion and waited for Wang Yan for a few days. Wang Yan asked Su Jin’er to be in charge of the affairs of the mansion, and Song Huai’en went to see Yuxiu. Song Huaien listened. Wang Yan went to visit Yuxiu and thanked Yuxiu for stepping up to protect Wang Yan. Yuxiu was a little shy towards Song Huaien, but Song Huaien only talked about Wang Yan. Pang Gui has not returned, Wang Yan was a little worried, and took Su Jin’er to explain the situation to Song Huai’en. Zilu lost the secret letter and Pang Gui was not caught by his subordinates, and Zilu fell apart.

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