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Fitting! Girl (2020) 逆襲吧廢柴少女

Fitting Girl (2020)
Other Title: 逆襲吧廢柴少女, Counterattack, Counterattack Bar, Scrap Girls, Counterattack The Waste Girl

Genres: drama, romance


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Release Date: 
January 22, 2020
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  • Song Jiaqi
  • Li Fankai
  • Wang Panpan
  • Yu Haorui
  • Peng Shijie

In the previous life, the 20-year-old female protagonist Murongxue was killed by her stepmother because she overheard that the vicious stepmother wanted to poison her father and seize the company and family property. In this life, she still retains the memories of the previous life in her mind. She was reborn and returned to the age of 18 and began her black-bellied revenge.

Stepmother Shen Chunshui, in order to let the young white Murongxue, who had just entered the company’s workplace, retired, and gave her responsibility for the company’s major cooperation with Ouyang Group. The person in charge of the Ouyang Group is the very difficult business legend and domineering president Ouyang Zongyun.

In order to complete the project, Murong Xue worked hard to study and overcome difficulties, and Ouyang Zongyun took a different look. Seeing Murongxue making the project more prosperous, the stepmother tried every means to replace the project leader midway. Since then, there has been a positive relationship between Murongxue and Shen Chunshui…

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