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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 10 Recap

The senior student of Sheng Ze, Li, was very caring, and he was soft-spoken and bowed to tie her shoelaces. Luo Yan who was watching was silent all the time. Seeing that the situation is not good, Feifei hurried away Fang Li. It’s also a coincidence that she used Shengze as a reference for the perfect pursuer senior she made up. Now the master of the family appears in front of her. This panic is either broken or asked for help Go round. Feifei has a way, but it’s up to Fang Li to ask for happiness.

After returning home, Feifei left with Luo Yanshixu to create space for Shengze and Fang Li, and then frantically touted Shengze’s scenes back then. A male god in high school. A good student with a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, the teacher is rushing to participate in the top students of various competitions, but it is a pity that Luo Yan has amnesia and does not have a judgmental impression of Shengze. Here Sheng Ze is also recalling Luo Yan in high school with Fang Li. He is also a god-like figure.

In high school, Luo Yan just turned around and caused a commotion in most of the school. Many girls wandered around the back door of the classroom. Sheng Ze also took a look when she passed by. She was really handsome. Later, when I met him on the playground, he knew what kind of person Luo Yan was. He was busy calculating the best angle of shooting and fiddling with the calculator, so he didn’t pay attention to stepping on Shengze’s sneakers. Later, he took a closer look at the fact that he was high. Imitation, the scene was very embarrassing.

Another time in class, there was a math problem that was not too difficult. Sheng Ze encountered a bottleneck and failed to solve the problem without writing much. So the teacher asked Luo Yan, who was asleep, to come up. Ze’s answer, all the answers were written in one go, and he went back to sleep again. It really came from the arrogance of talented players. At that time, the most sad thing about Luo Yan was Fang Li.

He threatened Fang Li to translate English novels and comics for him with his account book every day. Recently, he has changed her errands to run errands. The front foot and Feifei had just finished complaining, and the back foot senior Sheng Ze came to him and talked about Luo Yan, and a two-person spit meeting was staged. Later, Feifei talked about it with Feifei and regretted it. If she can talk to senior Sheng Ze It’s worthwhile to chat together and miss anything.

Luo Yan wanted to drink ice coke this day, and this task naturally found Fang Li. Not only that, he still had a leisurely time to time Fang Li, about 800 meters and five minutes back and forth was enough. When Fang Li rushed out and returned with Coke without looking back, he not only overdue but also Luo Yan wanted Pepsi, the timer started working again, it was still five minutes, and Fang Li rushed out again. But getting along with Luoyan is also good. For example, the snacks Luoyan sent by Banhua next door are cheaper than Fang Li.

During dinner with Teacher Jiang, Luo Yan learned of Fang Li’s living conditions. His parents had died early and his grandparents depended on each other. If Fang Li can go up to a good university in English, Luo Yan is already in action. That’s why those translated English novels are for this reason. He went to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of vitamins and found that it turned out to be Shengze’s pharmacy. He mixed the vitamins in a big bag of snacks and sent them to Fang Li’s house. Fang Li just came back with a big bag of cans, and processed the cans into various small crafts, so that the selling price would at least double.

Fang Li transferred the low-priced snacks brought by Luo Yan to the shop owner, who knew that a bottle of vitamins was found in it. Sheng Ze just came over, see through it, let her eat the vitamins for herself. Feifei and Fang Li complained, and suddenly Fang Li sat up cleverly. Poorly, she still hadn’t finished Luo Yan’s translation task.

After talking about the year, there is still an important thing for them to do right now, Feifei’s interview tomorrow. When waiting outside, Feifei performed it first, and finally found that she was wearing a pair of high heels, which was very inconsistent with the performance, so she changed shoes with Fang Li. As she walked home crappyly on high heels, she just ran into Senior Sheng Ze, and the motorcycle drove her back to school. When Luo Yan saw this scene, when did it start? There are things about Fang Li, always doing bad things with good intentions. This time he wanted to explain it, but when he opened his mouth it sounded like a debtor, Fang Li He paid him up for the concert tickets. Turning around, Luo Yan found Shi Xu and began to fight in the ring, venting some inexplicable emotions.

The things in Fang Li’s schoolbag were scattered all over the place. Sheng Ze hid a book in his arms, then took the other things back to Fang Li’s bag. Back to the dormitory on high heels, the roommates had already started talking about the man on the motorcycle who had sent her back. At this time, her phone rang and was picked up without hesitation.

She opened the hands-free and asked her to return the notebook tomorrow. After meeting and changing back to the book, Sheng Ze said that he accidentally saw something about Luo Yan, so saying Luo Yan was the crux of her mood. Fang Li recalled his behavior in recent days and used Sheng Ze as a boyfriend to stimulate Luo Yan without authorization. He should apologize to his senior.

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