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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 10 Recap

Love is like a right to request, regardless of the fact that one day the other party will refuse to fulfill the obligation because of the expiration of the statute of limitations. Only by continuously interrupting the statute of limitations and allowing time to stop can eternity be created. Such a metaphor is the side expression of Luo Zhi’s feelings about himself, but Sheng Huainan can hardly agree with such a negative approach. If he does not take the initiative to catch the tail of love, happiness will also sneak away.

Today, as usual, with some differences, Sheng Huainan’s gaze seems to be increasingly inseparable from Luo Zhi, and he wonders why she pouted in a daze, and because Luo Zhi said that his hair was messy, he developed a daily combing hair. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Xu Riqing used someone else’s phone to pretend that his mobile phone was out of power, and pretended to meet with Sheng Huainan Yolozhi. This is not a clever way of deceiving, and there is no way to hide from the top school tyrants of Shuangke. Luo Zhi sent the number to Zhang Mingrui, and he could easily determine that the other party was Xu Riqing and attend the appointment on time.

Luo Zhi’s cell phone kept talking with Zhang Mingrui secretly. After comforting Xu Riqing and “turning an enemy into a friend”, he tried to test her thoughts about Zhang Mingrui, and also tried to hope that Xu Riqing could look back at Zhang Mingrui, who paid silently and did not ask for anything in return.

Luo Zhi had the experience of empathizing with Xu Riqing, but not as good as the other party could get results. She could have the courage to face Sheng Huainan, but it was to hide the greater humbleness in her heart. Sheng Huainan suddenly went to Luo Zhi’s side from behind, shocked her as if her heartbeat fell.

The two were silent for a long time, and there were rumors that if the person who was talking suddenly became silent, then there must be an angel flying by, and this angel brought a better experience to Luo Zhi. Sheng Huainan learned that Luo Zhi was going to a part-time tutor and invited her to sit in the back seat of her bicycle because she missed her child.

The bicycle is a romantic poem on campus. The girl gently grabs the boy’s clothes corner and feels the close contact with each other, because they can’t see each other, and they don’t have to hide their secret happiness. In high school, Luo Zhi never thought that one day he would be so close to Sheng Huainan that he would only happen to be side by side with him while running.

Two people had fun with their children for a day. On the way back, they were like a couple, teasing and chasing each other. Sheng Huainan drove like a child, and his smile was so bright and sunny. Ye Zhanyan happened to see this scene while sitting in a taxi. This was Sheng Huainan she had never seen before. Truth and love never seemed to belong to her.

Luo Zhi sat on the rooftop, thinking that one day if he could achieve his wish, he would take Sheng Huainan to look at the evidence she had left on the wall and tell him his secret crush. When Luo Zhi was distressed about how to contact Sheng Huainan, the mobile phone brought the invitation from the person she was thinking of.

Jiang Baili dressed up for Luo Zhi carefully, borrowing her beautiful clothes, she was even more excited than Luo Zhi who was going to date. Everything was prepared, but Luo Zhi got lost in a place where “A corner meets love”. When Sheng Huainan asked for help, he directed Luo Zhi in the right direction, waited at the corner, and then suddenly jumped out, like a corner encounter To love.

Today, Luo Zhi wears a striped sweater, gentle and demure. Along the way, she tried her best to find a topic, for fear that Sheng Huainan would misunderstand that she was a boring person. But when Sheng Huainan mentioned that he also had a similar dress and regretted not wearing it, Luo Zhi was so dull that he did not understand his desire to wear a couple outfit.

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