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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 9 Recap

Whether it is three chopsticks or not eating fat, including the sentence “It is because there is no later that it appears romantic” is also Luo Zhi’s lie to create a tacit understanding. She couldn’t be like Sheng Huainan, immersed in such a tacit understanding of lies, she could only suffer in deceit.

What Luo Zhi didn’t know was that that period of childhood was later for Sheng Huainan. Later, Sheng Huainan would often go to the vicinity of the church, knowing that the chances of meeting a girl again were slim, and would look forward to one day when they would meet unexpectedly.

Gobi deliberately dismissed Jiang Baili, and then vowed to call Chen Mohan to swear that he had broken up. He was delighted because the other party had the same opinion. At this moment, Gobi was as humble as Jiang Baili standing behind him. Jiang Baili did not cry or beg, she just wanted to flee, and then persuaded herself to hear nothing.

Jiang Baili ran away desperately, for fear of being overtaken by the Gobi, just like the reality before him, he would face the fact of breaking up again after being overtaken by him. Jiang Baili cried and confided in her efforts, cried and bitterly told Gobi’s selfishness, and then wiped away her tears again, thinking of occupying a seat for him tomorrow. Gobi knew his scumbag behavior, but let him give up Chen Mohan, as if he had betrayed his emotions for more than ten years.

Until late at night, Jiang Baili returned to the dormitory like a walking dead, and then lay on Luo Zhi’s bed, constantly admonishing herself to go to bed quickly, otherwise she would not be able to get up early to occupy a seat for the Gobi tomorrow. In love, perhaps Jiang Baili is more humble than Luo Zhi, at least Luo Zhi can choose not to lay down his dignity in secret love.

Zhang Mingrui practiced magic tricks all night, which was worthless in Xu Riqing’s eyes. Only Sheng Huainan existed in her heart. Xu Riqing didn’t believe that Sheng Huainan had no feelings for herself, otherwise, why would he give her every Weibo likes, why would he show her a gentle smile, and why would he put a coat on her when she was asleep while reading.

Outside the library, Xu Riqing personally saw Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi behave closely, and couldn’t help but interrogate them before realizing that everything was just a misunderstanding. Sheng Huainan’s smile is the same to everyone. The coat belongs to Zhang Mingrui, and even the likes were ordered by Zhang Mingrui secretly using Sheng Huainan’s mobile phone, just to make Xu Riqing happy.

After a questioning, Xu Riqing became the last clown, making her lose face in front of the same school. Being kind to Xu Riqing is the secret Zhang Mingrui wants to guard. As long as Xu Riqing is happy, even if she is invisible in her eyes, she will not hesitate. Now that the lie was broken by Sheng Huainan, Zhang Mingrui acted on him impulsively.

The sudden incident caught Sheng Huainan off guard. In an upset mood, he took Luo Zhi to the campus rooftop and shared his secret base with others for the first time. Sheng Huainan said with excitement, how beautiful the singing of the girl he happened to meet here, and the tacit messages on the wall.

This girl is Luo Zhi. She is happy that she is pulling Sheng Huainan’s heart with her every move, but she is not confident to admit that she is the girl in his heart. Obviously, there is no need for management and lies, and they already have a tacit understanding between them, but Luo Zhi dare not face this real fate.

Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi once again returned to the past, using their unique preferences to understand each other. Ye Zhanyan’s provocation didn’t seem to be effective. Every time Sheng Huainan got close to Luo Zhi, he would involuntarily want to continue this benign relationship.

From happy insects to the interpretation of love by law, the love of a scholar is always difficult for ordinary people to understand, and it is precisely this that makes it seem precious to each other.

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