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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 8 Recap

Behind everyone is a pair of unwilling gazes. Gobi and Chen Mohan are family members and childhood sweethearts. Since the age of ten, watching her order food in French, her every move is full of elegance, which has made Gobi addicted to this day. From then on, as long as there is a place for Chen Mohan, the existence of Gobi is indispensable.

Jiang Baili asked Gobi to rescue him because Chen Mohan’s insulated lunch box was broken by a passer-by, and this kind of hero who only exists in fairy tales saved the beauty, and he wanted to use Jiang Baili. Seeing Gobi protecting her posture, Jiang Baili fell into it at a glance and became a pair of eyes behind him.

From then on, Jiang Baili would send various secret photos of Chen Mohan to Gobi, and would be excited by the other party’s invitation. It is a pity that Gobi only had Chen Mohan in his eyes and in his heart. Even if Jiang Baili sat across from him, it was nothing but nothing.

Chen Mohan agreed to Gobi’s pursuit in full view and denied the relationship between the two in the next moment. This incident became the fuse for Jiang Baili and Chen Mohan to break off their friendship. The next day, the news that Gobi had been dumped on the same day spread throughout Sida and Haida. Jiang Baili went to find bars from bar to bar every day, and then carried the drunk Gobi home.

Even Jiang Baili’s contact with Gobi started because Chen Mohan touched Gobi’s self-esteem. Jiang Baili’s love has become a bet among others, but she is still happy. Gobi has already become her spiritual food. Once lost, it is equivalent to losing the fountain of life.

Luo Zhi asked herself that she was not qualified to persuade Jiang Baili to let go. After all, she had been the protagonist in her own world, but Luo Zhi herself had only acted as an audience for fifteen years and never thought of letting go.

Life always forces people to put aside their worries for a while. After all, there are many things that must be done besides love. Normal class and normal life, but today’s class has an extra uninvited guest. Zheng Wenrui chose classes that he was not interested in for Sheng Huainan, splashing the other party with a stiff routine that anyone could see through.

In the library, Zheng Wenrui watched that the potato chips that Sheng Huainan gave Luo Zhi would naturally take away, and then waited outside the dormitory early in the morning to inform Luo Zhi of the latest news about Ye Zhanyan. The rival’s rival is a friend. Zheng Wenrui showed some kindness because of a packet of potato chips, which made Luo Zhi feel that this girl also has something cute about her.

At this time, Ye Zhanyan was being entangled by the suitor Li Dawei, so he got to know Zhuo Chen, a math obsessed by the roadside. In Zhuo Chen’s eyes, all beautiful love can be compared with mathematics, and for a while, it unexpectedly attracted Ye Zhanyan’s attention.

After a few days of getting along, Sheng Huainan apologized again for what had angered Luo Zhi before and invited her to lunch. Luo Zhi took out three chopsticks to eat, and talked and laughed about his childhood. In fact, they were all the past and habits experienced by Sheng Huainan. Since Luo Zhi heard it, he would also learn to eat with three chopsticks, trying to draw the distance from Sheng Huainan in this way.

When Sheng Huainan looked at Luo Zhi in front of him, he always remembered the little girl he had met at the wedding of his relatives. Unfortunately, after a long time, he no longer remembered what the girl looked like. Luo Zhi tried to keep the surface calm, but her restless hands and slightly raised heels under the table fully exposed her anxiety at the moment.

How much Luo Zhi hoped that Sheng Huainan could recognize himself, how much he hoped he could remember his promise. But things are destined for Luo Zhi to be disappointed, no matter how Sheng Huainan recalls, he can’t remember what he once said.

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