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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 7 Recap

Ye Zhanyan once deliberately raised the matter of Luoyang going to Zhenhua to teach, and told Ding Shuijing that this information was revealed. Luo Zhi only cared about the reason why Luoyang went to Zhenhua, but didn’t care about Ding Shuijing at all, which made Ye Zhanyan even more disdainful of her indifference. However, the first thing Luo Zhi left the Great Hall was to instruct Luoyang to take good care of Ding Shuijing.

Luo Zhi’s current best friend Jiang Baili, once again worried and crying because of the Gobi affairs. Crying for no more than ten minutes is Jiang Baili’s rule of life, leading her life with the tarot cards. This time, crying for more than ten minutes, maybe the pain that has been accumulated in Jiang Baili’s heart is also increasing.

Unconsciously, Sheng Huainan would be uncontrollably caring where Luo Zhi’s figure fell. The unexpected encounter in the library made him feel like he would follow again. Luo Zhi appealed to the glass and said that the relationship was deep and shallow, and Sheng Huainan would deliberately breathe out the mist, wanting to see what she wrote.

In the law instruction class, Sheng Huainan naturally snatched the position that belonged to Zhang Mingrui and sat beside Luo Zhi. Even Sheng Huainan himself didn’t realize that when Luo Zhi wanted to return his seat to Zhang Mingrui, who had arrived late, he instantly wanted to prevent this from happening.

Sitting side by side, the distance between the hands of the two people was once again reduced to 0.6 cm. Sheng Huainan took the initiative to break the silence and talked with Luo Zhi in his notebook. The dialogue on the window sill of Zhenhua High School reappeared. Luo Zhi still recommended the film “The Fairy Tale of the Years”. Sheng Huainan recalled that year when the seeds of doubt were buried in his heart.

The alumni sharing session at the end of the year is equivalent to the job interview conference. If you perform well, you will be favored by business owners and alumni. This is a rare opportunity to find a good job. The Student Union did not invite President Chen, so it delegated the important task of inviting his daughter Chen Mohan to Gobi.

Since entering the university, Gobi and Chen Mohan have never met again. This is undoubtedly his last chance to show his heart. Jiang Baili knew about the Gobi. With the help of various sugar-coated shells, she really got the result of a breakup. Maybe Jiang Baili has been mentally prepared, but when reality comes, how can her feelings not be turbulent, and how can she be willing to accept it easily.

At the end of the lecture, although Zhang Mingrui encouraged Sheng Huainan to invite Luo Zhi to share lunch, when Luo Zhi agreed, Sheng Huainan’s joyful appearance fully exposed his inner expectations. However, when the three of them were discussing which store to eat, they were interrupted by the oncoming Gobi.

After three consecutive weeks of disconnection, this was the first time to regain friendship, but Jiang Baili, who was wronged behind Gobi, couldn’t help Luo Zhi care and gave up the opportunity to contact Sheng Huainan again. Sheng Huainan was also taken away by Gobi to discuss the alumni association, as if Jiang Baili was a scourge and avoided it.

Luo Zhi didn’t know the situation. After learning that Jiang Baili had been broken up, he immediately took her to the uninhabited river and felt sorry for taking her to the crowded ice cream shop. Luo Zhi could speak sharply for Jiang Baili to tear the Gobi, but he did not dare to show his courage to face his feelings.

Once, Jiang Baili was like a fan girl and servant next to Chen Mohan, taking the initiative to tell her all trivia, including detours to deliver breakfast. The appearance of Chen Mohan playing the piano is like an indesectable goddess in Jiang Baili’s heart. Even if this woman is her rival in love, she never had any resentment and jealousy in her heart.

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