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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 6 Recap

The hanged man, feelings are being slandered by gossip and lies. The owner of the flop can only bear it silently but refuses to let go. This tarot card was drawn by Luo Zhi herself, but she only smiled at the analysis of the card. Because of the solution of the card, Luo Zhi could no longer let go of his secret love for Sheng Huainan. Whether it was correct or not was meaningless.

Regarding the debate about whether love is selfish, Sheng Huainan, as the opposing debater, recalled what Ye Zhanyan had done, including Luo Zhi’s secret love, and he turned them all into summary statements. Perhaps as Sheng Huainan said, whether it is Ye Zhanyan’s unwillingness, or he believes that Luo Zhi’s secret love is based on the desired return, but it is all self-satisfaction. He does not believe that the secret lover will remain unilateral when the other party is dismissive. Long-term emotional dedication.

Whether secret love can be included in love, Luo Zhi has no answer. She has become accustomed to thinking of herself as an ostrich. Amidst her involuntary feelings, she silently pays attention to and loves Sheng Huainan. However, even like Luo Zhi, she didn’t expect a response to her secret love.

In this debate, Sheng Huainan was full of hostility. Sitting in the audience, Ye Zhanyan couldn’t tell whether the hostility was aimed at herself or whether she was insinuating Luo Zhi. Regardless of whether Sheng Huainan believes in Ye Zhanyan’s slander of Luo Zhi, he is still keeping his distance from Ye Zhanyan, let alone giving up the law instruction.

Since the last time I went to the amusement park, the two children liked Sheng Huainan very much, and the child’s mother invited him to be a part-time tutor. This was the only reason Luo Zhi could contact Sheng Huainan, but this kind of reason completely shattered her self-esteem in the opponent’s rejection.

Family conditions are limited, which makes Luo Zhi unable to even buy a book, but this book is easily bought by Sheng Huainan. Regardless of whether Sheng Huainan is trying to keep away from Luo Zhi, or he is really too busy to take care of part-time jobs, his disdain for wages is the reason why Luo Zhi can’t stop tears, as if anything sticks to money will become filthy. , Even Luo Zhi was also contaminated.

Zhang Mingrui happened to be at the scene. He couldn’t solve the embarrassment with his back facing Luo Zhi at this time, so he could only ask for help from the perpetrator. Sheng Huainan wanted to comfort Luo Zhi, and regretted her carelessness in high school. However, Ye Zhanyan’s words were still in his ears, and the edited text messages were not sent after all.

Luo Zhi regretted it countless times, and imagined that if he met for the first time, he would tell Sheng Huainan about his fifteen-year crush, and ask if the other party still remembers the promise you told the little girl when you were a child. But in reality, Luo Zhi could not face Sheng Huainan’s possible rejection, and could not face the memories she regarded as a treasure. They were of no value in the other’s heart, and he was even more afraid that Sheng Huainan would misunderstand that her secret love for 15 years was a kind of prying and goodbye. Have scheming.

On the eve of the debate finals, Ye Zhanyan strongly retained Luo Zhi who wanted to escape, and Zheng Wenrui would naturally not be absent. Luo Zhi sat between them like a sandwich, being used as a talker.

Today’s question is about white lies. Even though Luo Zhi understands that the focus of the debate is logic, when the contestant is Sheng Huainan, she still cannot look at the arguments rationally. In Luo Zhi’s fantasy, she wanted to refute Sheng Huainan’s argument. The white lie has never hurt anyone, so why can’t she be forgiven.

Luo Zhi woke up amidst the applause of everyone and was once again drawn into reality, she became the ostrich who lost her courage. Zhang Mingrui tricked Luo Zhi out of the Great Hall under the pretext that the professor had something to do so that she could escape the suffocating atmosphere.

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