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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 5 Recap

After returning from the amusement park, Luo Zhi was like a Cinderella who lost her pumpkin cart and crystal shoes, and was once again drawn into reality. It is precisely because the dreams are beautiful that people do not want to wake up from sinking into it, and they will also lose their souls because of returning to reality. Luo Zhi felt like a fool and laughed around Sheng Huainan for a whole day. After returning, he was still indifferent.

Sheng Huainan is also in a bad mood. He doesn’t know whether he doesn’t want to believe the content of Ye Zhanyan’s text messages or is suffering from her entanglement. Sheng Huainan couldn’t accept that Ye Zhanyan would come and go, but he couldn’t throw his feelings as an object.

On the same night, Luoyang’s mood was as heavy as his sister Luo Zhi. This time I came to Qingdao for a meeting. After receiving Ding Wenjing’s invitation, Luoyang couldn’t help but rushed to the appointment place, but he just hid in the corner and looked at the girl who was still waiting innocently.

In high school, Ding Wenjing was a painting model, she was smiling, only Luoyang knew that she was crying inside. Because of Luoyang’s paintings, Ding Wenjing had the courage to decide to study art again. Even if her parents objected, she could fight against the world for Luoyang and her dream. However, Luoyang chose to give up her dream of art.

The waves hit the beach, and the evening sun fell on Ding Wenjing and Luoyang, creating the most beautiful picture given to them by nature. Ding Wenjing’s world is pure sunshine. She believes that everyone can be the master of their own life. However, Luoyang, who has experienced the baptism of reality, understands more that there are many involuntary in life.

Luoyang recalled the past bit by bit, but after all, he did not take that step. Jiang Baili cried with Luo Zhi, because she knew very well that she had a crush on the unattainable Chen Mohan as well as the Gobi that she had loved for many years. Sheng Huainan remembered that the water in the bag had been drunk by Luo Zhi, and Zheng Wenrui regarded it as a treasure after being irritated and discarded. Tonight, everyone is feeling down and sad in the feelings they can’t ask for.

After waiting for fifteen years and finally pulling in the 0.6 centimeter distance again, Luo Zhi came to the boys’ dormitory with fighting spirit early in the morning and asked Sheng Huainan for a reason to hold hands. Perhaps due to fate, Luo Zhi once again took a slower step towards the fate before it arrived.

Ye Zhanyan did not urge Sheng Huainan to reply, but took him to meet Ding Wenjing, and framed Luo Zhi’s understanding of Sheng Huainan as an approach and investigation with ulterior motives. When they broke up, Luo Zhi happened to pass by the door of the restaurant, Ye Zhanyan cried and warned Sheng Huainan not to be with her. This incident occurred before Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi approached, and Ye Zhanyan’s concern for her was obviously unreasonable.

Ye Zhanyan interpreted this targeting as an expression of jealousy towards Luo Zhi’s performance. Seeing that Sheng Huainan still had doubts, he even took out Luo Zhi’s diary out of context, completely insulting the hidden feelings of Fifteen. Sheng Huainan’s reluctance to understand shows that he has believed Ye Zhanyan’s words.

Luo Zhi was lost all day, and the original courage had long since vanished. The feeling of waiting for fifteen years has already been equated with patience in Luo Zhi’s heart. She comforted herself that even if she continued to wait, even if she could not wait for Sheng Huainan’s initiative to give results, she had never lost anything.

In the boys’ dormitory, there was a sudden talk about the amusement park. Because Sheng Huainan left midway, Xiaosen left Xu Zhi’an and didn’t even eat the birthday cake. Naturally, the planned play ended without a problem. Sheng Huainan was upset. After hearing the blame from his roommate, he became angry with his brother who had been with him for a year for the first time. Fortunately, Zhang Mingrui was able to mediate.

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