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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 4 Recap

Luo Zhi has been working as a part-time tutor. Today, she was temporarily entrusted to take care of the children and went to the amusement park to play. Just as she was taking pictures of the two children on the carousel, Sheng Huainan also stopped behind her. Xiaosen deliberately came by plane to celebrate his birthday with Xu Zhian. By the way, to express his gratitude to Sheng Huainan, he invited everyone in the dormitory to come out and play together.

They passed by and met in the restaurant again, and I don’t know if Sheng Huainan really didn’t like this outing, or subconsciously wanted to get along with Luo Zhi. All in all, Sheng Huainan used ice cream to “buy” the two children and obtained permission to travel together.

Luo Zhi had dreamed of encountering many times unexpectedly, but did not expect that a dream would come true. She couldn’t help but pinch her cheek, the pain made Luo Zhi sure that Sheng Huainan in front of her was real.

There was a contradiction between the two children, but the fun of playing made them forget their worries and unhappiness. When they are free, this unhappiness will reappear with the bickering. Luo Zhi didn’t expect that Sheng Huainan was also very familiar with the children. In a few words, he asked his brother to take the initiative to apologize and began to have a sense of responsibility to protect his sister.

Sheng Huainan would go to the line alone, let Luo Zhi take the children to play other events first, and squat down to tie Luo Zhi’s shoelaces, each kind of affection made her sink even more. Sheng Huainan handed the water he had drunk to Luo Zhi. Perhaps the giver was unintentional, but it made it difficult for the recipient to be unwilling.

The exciting roller coaster will force two people to get close, and inertia will make it natural for people who are not familiar to get close. I don’t know if it is the speed of the roller coaster or the hands of two people unconsciously putting together, making Luo Zhi’s heart feel as if it is really flying.

Zhang Mingrui, who was practicing magic in the dormitory, was looking forward to Xu Riqing’s arrival, but he was waiting for Ye Zhanyan. Since the breakup, Ye Zhanyan has been reluctant to have a new relationship in Sheng Huainan. Now she sees the photos from Zhang Mingrui, which makes it even more difficult for her to accept. The photo is a secret shot of the unexpected encounter between Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi by a roommate.

On the day of Zhenhua High School’s rooftop, Luo Zhi fled from wasteland. He happened to be seen by Ye Zhanyan. Since then, he has come here day after day, wishingly as her secret base with Sheng Huainan. Finally one day, Sheng Huainan mistaken the conversation with Luo Zhi for Ye Zhanyan, and they became a couple.

Ye Zhanyan knew in her heart that her relationship with Sheng Huainan was based on deception, and it was also the result of her stealing Luo Zhi. This time the breakup was only because the Sheng family’s parents objected, and Sheng Huainan himself did not act, so he broke up. How could Ye Zhanyan give way to Luo Zhi.

Ding Shuijing couldn’t get a response from Luoyang for her secret love. She thought she was a friend and had a crush on Luo Zhi in Sheng Huainan. She was the one who could understand her feelings best. But when she was most disappointed, Luo Zhi didn’t even bother with WeChat. Reply. Since then, Ding Shuijing and Ye Zhanyan have become best friends, and now they heard the other party come to complain, and the two hit it off.

Sheng Huainan received Ye Zhanyan’s WeChat in real time, describing what a hypocritical girl Luo Zhi was like. Sheng Huainan looked at the phone for a long time, apparently caring about the content of the text message. Luo Zhi couldn’t see the content, but could see that Ye Zhanyan kept sending text messages with Sheng Huainan, and her heart began to get worried.

Sheng Huainan believed that Luo Zhi was a good girl and a friend worthy of getting along with. This mood made Luo Zhi even more disappointed. She never thought that today’s sweetness and happiness came and went fast. Luo Zhi believed that he was good enough to be qualified to hold hands with Sheng Huainan, but not so good that he could hold his own hand forever.

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