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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Mingrui likes Xu Riqing, Xu Riqing likes Sheng Huainan, the standard dog-blood romantic drama routine, although it will not cause Zhang Mingrui and Sheng Huainan to conflict, but in the end will produce some sensitivity. Sheng Huainan’s text message made Zhang Mingrui have to suspect that he wanted to make compensation for Xu Riqing’s affairs.

Sheng Huainan was born in a family and his own conditions are superior, so that the girls around him will always be like buying luxury goods, but they are used to show off, not like Sheng Huainan itself. After breaking up with Ye Zhanyan, Sheng Huainan only felt exhausted. He began to lose track of who really liked him, and simply did not want to be in love again.

The brothers are also taboo against suspicion and non-confession. Zhang Mingrui can understand Sheng Huainan’s feelings. He only hopes that if one day Sheng Huainan is really interested in Luo Zhi, he will be the first insider. As for Luo Zhi’s misunderstanding, Zhang Mingrui reminded Sheng Huainan that he should take the initiative to explain.

At the gate of the supermarket again, Gobi was holding flowers and begging Luo Zhi to give it to Jiang Belle, but after dating for more than a year, he did not know that his girlfriend was allergic to pollen. Gobi was ambiguous with other girls and never cared about Jiang Baili’s feelings, which made Luo Zhi feel extremely sick.

Although Luo Zhi did not want the Gobi to be entangled, she also respected Jiang Baili’s choice, so she would “talk against the Gobi” and threw the flowers in the trash. Obviously, such a move would anger the Gobi, and “coincidentally” was relieved by Sheng Huainan who passed by here.

It is clear that Sheng Huainan has no sweat on his body but is holding a basketball. He clearly followed Luo Zhi to the library without a bag. Any performance is sufficient to show that he did it deliberately. Luo Zhi explained Sheng Huainan’s deliberate words, but the two found a common topic, from reasoning to literature, extending to the attitude of love between animals.

Since then, Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi have had endless topics. Whether it is walking or eating, they will always talk through WeChat, which means they will meet each other late. Maybe it was Luo Zhi’s obsession that he could not meet in high school, but the acquaintance in front of him was enough to make up for the regret.

Although Jiang Baili rejected Gobi’s apology for a while, she regretted all sorts of regrets in an instant. After all, this was the first time that Gobi sent flowers to apologize. Luo Zhi saw that this kind of loneliness and expectation were her most empathetic emotions, and she would not agree with Jiang Baili’s reunion, and she had to send flowers quickly, so that Jiang Baili naturally thought it was Gobi’s apology again.

Holding a bouquet made of cinnamon, Jiang Baili excitedly walked around the school to declare happiness. Naturally, she would also be in the cafeteria, unable to resist the call of Gobi’s fingers. Gobi is the male god of the student union. All the voices around Jiang Baili are to persuade herself to know that she should give up. Therefore, she understands Luo Zhi’s true heart better, but love makes people blind. Jiang Baili still expects her girlfriend to get along with her boyfriend.

Jiang Baili was coaxing Luo Zhi, who was ran away by the Gobi, when he saw Zheng Wenrui from the computer department striding towards them. Zheng Wenrui likes to wear short-sleeved shorts for warm-up exercises in winter, and he is hot-tempered and difficult to get along with, and he is labeled as weird. Luo Zhi remembered that Zheng Wenrui graduated from Zhenhua High School and had no reason to refuse the other party’s invitation to dinner. However, after being questioned, he felt extremely regretful and angry.

Zheng Wenrui also has a secret love for Sheng Huainan and pays attention to everything about the other party. After the confession was clearly rejected, instead of giving up the feelings in his heart, he became increasingly paranoid. Zheng Wenrui once stole Luo Zhi’s diary, and the words on it made her feel resentful, turning her emotions into pens and scratching the diary.

Just as Luo Zhi slowly approached Sheng Huainan with a restless and ecstatic heart, behind them invisible, Zheng Wenrui was also brewing to destroy everything that Luo Zhi had worked so hard to manage.

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