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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 2 Recap

The fate will suddenly come inadvertently, such as accidentally spilling each other when receiving water, such as the coincidence of eating in the canteen, such as sitting at the same table in the library, such as at this moment, Luozhi and Shenghuainan, who are in the supermarket, caught the same bottle of drink.

Luo Zhi went back to the dormitory and stared at the drinks. Her care could not escape Jiang Baili’s eyes. Knowing that Luo Zhi likes Sheng Huainan, one of the male gods of Si, Jiang Baili worked hard to let her learn the love manual and personally demonstrated various ways to chat up boys.

Every time Jiang Baili fails, including flattery and obedience to her boyfriend Gobi, all of which show that this girl actually knows nothing about love.

Still at the door of the supermarket, Luo Zhi saw a girl confessing to Sheng Huainan, and she deliberately had to collide to end the dispute. It turned out that Sheng Huainan remembered Luo Zhi, which seemed to give her great courage to take the initiative to hint and successfully get the coffee time invited by Sheng Huainan.

This is the second time that Luo Zhi’s secret love career has been close to Sheng Huainan. The two talked happily. Luo Zhi refused Sheng Huainan’s request to leave a number, but left his own number to the other party and left the right to contact the other party.

Orange is born in Huainan, born in Huaibei is Zhi, which is the origin of Luozhi’s name, orange is born in Huainan, Luo Tansheng is in Huainan, Luo Zhi set this poem in the mobile phone screensaver. After today, Luo Zhi finally had the opportunity to tell Sheng Huainan these two poems, which also satisfactorily fulfilled her long-standing wish.

Sheng Huainan’s impression of Luo Zhi is just a female student bully in high school, but when she meets and chats with her, she always thinks of the girl she was a child. Sheng Huainan has never forgotten that the little girl protects her back in front of the bad child, but can’t remember the appearance of the other party.

He never thought of chasing the future, because there is no later story called romance. Xu Zhi’an’s girlfriend Xiao Sen is about to celebrate her birthday. Knowing that her boyfriend’s dormitory can repair the mobile phone for free, she actually asked to add accessories to the mobile phone, which is about equivalent to upgrading to a new mobile phone for birthday gift.

Xu Zhi’an’s economic shortage is obvious. The clothes are always those pieces tossed and turned. Out of concern for his roommates, Sheng Huainan secretly funded the purchase of second-hand mobile phone integration interiors.

The French guidance class is about to begin. Luo Zhi saw that the diary was flipped in front of Shenghuainan with the wind. He rushed back to his seat and put away the diary regardless of his brother Luoyang, who was talking on the phone. Luo Zhi fell into a sweet fantasy again. Zhang Mingrui, who came with coffee at the back of the class, became an assist invisibly.

The coffee sprinkled Luo Zhi all over, giving her the opportunity to talk to Sheng Huainan. If you fall in love with someone secretly, you can’t help but care about each other’s smile from every angle and cherish every opportunity to talk to the other person. However, Luo Zhi’s happy mood was scattered by Gobi’s ambiguous behavior when he walked back to the dormitory.

Zhang Mingrui wanted to apologize for the previous coffee and invited Luozhi to eat ice cream. Luo Zhi’s eyes followed Sheng Huainan to leave behind his back. He cares about the eyes so obvious that everyone seemed to like Sheng Huainan. Zhang Mingrui inadvertently said to himself, so that Luo Zhi no longer misunderstood that coffee spilling was the routine of pursuit, so he was willing to accept the apology.

Unconsciously, the topic of the two people has always revolved around Shenghuainan. During the conversation, Luo Zhi believed that Zhang Mingrui was a friend worth dating, but this feeling was dissipated by the text message sent by Sheng Huainan, and even made Luo Zhi disgusted.

Before that, Zhang Mingrui kept saying that Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan matched, and never revealed any intention to pursue her, and even said that he had already belonged to her. Sheng Huainan wished the date success by text messages, but Luo Zhi misunderstood Zhang Mingrui’s ulterior motives, or Sheng Huainan did not care about her own information, causing her to anger Zhang Mingrui.

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