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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南2021 Episode 1 Recap

The world is so big that human beings are scattered in every corner of the world, and the probability of encountering love is less than finding the same ginkgo leaves. Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan have known each other since childhood and began a secret love for 15 years, which has become her unspeakable secret.

On the first day of Sheng Huainan’s transfer to Zhenhua High School, it attracted the attention of many girls, just like Liuchuan Feng in Luo Zhi’s “Slam Dunk Master”. It is taboo to bring comics to school, and it is this taboo that makes them meet again. Sheng Huainan is like a light shining into Luozhi’s heart and becomes her lifelong pursuit.

The existence of Sheng Huainan took Luozhi’s long-term ranking first. The 1.6cm line spacing between the two names on the report card has become the most beautiful distance in Luozhi’s heart. This will never change 1.6 centimeters, as if it is the closest and farthest distance in the world.

Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan sat inside and outside the window sill. When they could not see each other, she could use the story to convey her mood, but when the other party turned around, she ran away in panic. In the fantasy, Luo Zhi could use the director to transfer the registration form to communicate with Sheng Huainan. In fact, he did not even retain a single look.

Facing Sheng Huainan, Luo Zhi became extremely humble, timid and afraid of things, and became unable to even speak. After fifteen years of secret love, Luo Zhi did not want to give up her dream again. She hoped that she could have the courage to tell Sheng Huainan her name next time. For this reason, she decided to participate in the selection of Myanmar student ambassadors.

On the day of the interview, Luo Zhi wore a clean school uniform, glasses and combed her short hair neatly to meet the challenge in the best condition.

There were only two students who participated in the selection. Luo Zhi was full of hope to win the quota and gave himself a reason for confession, but in the end, it was dramatic because Sheng Huainan gave up voluntarily. Luo Zhi was unwilling to find Sheng Huainan, but when he saw his jokes with Ye Zhanyan, he chose to pass by again.

Time precipitation, Luo Zhi’s love became stronger and stronger. On the first day of college, she carefully waited with an envelope. Even if Ye Zhanyan approached Shenghuainan first this time, Luo Zhi was unwilling to give up even if the men and women in front of him knew that they were lovers at a glance. However, fate is like a naughty child. The fruit of the persimmon tree when it matures falls accurately on Luozhi’s white shoes, preventing her courage and letting her escape again.

The unique smell of the boys’ dormitory smoked Ye Zhanyan away. Sheng Huainan happened to encounter the scene of Zhang Mingrui breaking other people’s mobile phones on his way to the dormitory alone. Even if it is only a few thousand yuan, it is enough to decide whether Zhang Mingrui can continue to go to school. It seems how happy Sheng Huainan can help.

At the beginning of the roommate’s understanding, friendship lays the foundation at first sight and continues in mutual assistance. When Zhang Mingrui learned that his friend he met on the first day of school turned out to be the top student in science, making him, the person who scored last, couldn’t help sighing at the magic and surprise of fate.

Since college, Luo Zhi has grown his hair, took off his glasses, and became mature. She put down her ponytail, and the light yellow skirt added a little elegant temperament to her. Luo Zhi looked at herself in the fitting mirror and looked forward to one day when she would appear in front of Sheng Huainan like this.

The rainy day blocked the steps of Luozhi and Sheng Huainan. How she wanted to have the courage to take the initiative to tell each other that we met when we were young, and your promise was still in my ears. This illusion dissipated after Ye Zhanyan appeared. Looking at Ye Zhanyan happily showing the same light yellow skirt on her body, Luo Zhi chose to put the skirt lying at home into the recycling bin. She dared not expect Sheng Huainan to like herself, who is completely contrary to her current girlfriend.

Today, a new roommate named Jiang Baili came to Luozhi dormitory. She is familiar with personality and crazy. He loves divination tarot cards, which complements her. Luozhi’s boring life has become colorful because of Jiang Baili’s existence. This girlfriend has also become the gear that drives Luozhi and Sheng Huainan.

On the roof of the school, Sheng Huainan, who had broken up, listened to the voice of his mobile phone and ignored Ye Zhanyan’s unreasonable request to allow him to find another girlfriend. In the middle of boredom, a soft song suddenly sounded from a distance. Sheng Huainan followed the sound and was one step away from Luo Zhi, the owner of the sound. Because Zhang Mingrui suddenly arrived, they missed it again.

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