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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 32 Recap

Ye Huifang began to take care of her, Tao Shu was full of joy, and seeing her cheer up, he finally let go. Tao Hua and her old classmates had a night of wine. Dong Zhibin took the opportunity to eat her tofu, confessed to her, and even said that he wanted to support her. Tao Hua understood what he meant, and did not refuse the first time. She took his pocket. The cash in China deliberately took him to a crowded place and scolded him, causing him to lose face, and this scene happened to be seen by Liu Yu and Zhong Jinghua.

Zhong Jinghua knew Liu Yu’s feelings very well. She nodded to Liu Yu. Liu Yu rushed out and grabbed Peach Blossom. Tao Hua’s tears of forbearance were finally forced out by him. It was the first time to release the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. Liu Yu had no identity. Touch her to comfort her. They sat down to chat after Tao Hua calmed down. After Tao Hua experienced this disaster, she became a lot more mature. Liu Yu couldn’t help but praise her and invited her to work in her company.

Zhou Yingying was preparing to have dinner with Mingyuan at home. She flipped through Mingyuan’s photo album and just saw Mingyuan’s photographs slandering Shu Ke. Zhou Yingying immediately thought of the article that forced Shu Ke away, and she rushed to Ming. In front of Yuan, Ming Yuan could not say a single word when he saw them. He could not explain. Although he did not do it, he did not dare to tell the crimes of his father. Seeing Zhou Yingying’s indignation, Ming Yuan regretted not being the first. Can’t explain to Zhou Yingying.

Zhou Yingying thought about it and finally couldn’t help but go to Tao Hua. Seeing Zhou Yingying, Tao Hua cried with joy. The two of them expressed their sincerity to each other and never gave up on each other in the future. Zhou Yingying couldn’t help talking about Tao Hua and Shu Ke. She felt that Tao Hua and Shu Ke really matched each other. No one wanted to be like this. Tao Hua began to meditate. At this time Tao Shu and Ye Huifang walked in. Interrupted their conversation. Zhou Yingying was shocked when she saw Ye Huifang’s current appearance. Who could have imagined that someone who used to be a master of the world would become such a hurried chat with Tao Hua.

After being humiliated by Tao Hua, Dong Zhibin deliberately went to Shu Ke’s troubles and constantly denied his design. Before Shu Ke set off, Zhou Yingying was waiting for them at the door. They chatted about Tao Hua’s current situation and were helpless to her. Knowing that Tao Hua was wronged by Dong Zhibin and Shu Ke was targeted, Zhou Yingying and Shu Ke went to the law firm. When Liu Yu and Zhong Jinghua discussed the investment with Mr. Li, Mr. Li mentioned the company Ming Wanpeng is currently working in and hoped that they would merge with that company, but Liu Yu was silent.

Zhou Yingying was stayed by Shu Kla, and the two came to Dong Zhibin’s office together. Dong Zhibin had been making things difficult for Shu Ke. Shu Ke led Dong Zhibin to the toilet and deliberately taught Dong Zhibin in the toilet. During the period, he was hit by Ming Yuan and Ming Yuan saw Shu Ke and Zhou Yingying left without seeing anything. After being discouraged, Shu Ke left first, leaving Zhou Yingying and Mingyuan to be alone. Mingyuan took the initiative to help them this time, and also promised to help Shu Kecha in the industry. Zhou Yingying finally let him go and reconcile with him.

Shu Ke had an appointment with Xu Xiaohui. Shu Ke was very frank that he and Tao Hua had separated. Xu Xiaohui was also straightforward. She recommended Shu Ke to work at her relatives’ house. Shu Ke politely refused. Xu Xiaohui gave him a big surprise before she left. The real murderer behind their scandal was found. Shu Ke told Liu Yu about this. At the time, the two had a fight for this. It was ridiculous. Liu Yu also knew a secret. Ming Wanpeng bought Leshi% when Yihui went bankrupt. Seventy shares. On the other side, Dong Zhibin made an appointment with Tao Hua and said that he had found out about Xingye. Tao Hua immediately went to his office.

Tao Hua learned that Xingye specializes in helping money laundering, and suddenly suspected Ming Wanpeng. Of course, Shu Ke could also think of this. He wanted to help Tao Hua turn the story, but in fact, they are now unable to compete with Ming Wanpeng. , There is no evidence to sanction him.

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