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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 8 Recap

After the exam results came out, there was a parent meeting. Fang Li held a parent meeting for himself, and Luo Yan jumped out of everyone and ran to the basketball court. Fang Li also sneaked out to warm up with him. Luo Yan’s family was divorced and reorganized, it seemed that he was superfluous and in the way, Fang Li felt his helpless sadness, and took him to the beach, where there are white beaches, dried fish, and enough to swallow all unhappy The sea. The two played around on the beach, leaving all their worries to the horizon.

In the library, when Fang Li opened a certain notebook again, he saw a small note he had passed with Su Qiyang. That was when she did not bring the report, Su Qiyang imposted her confession, and after they chatted through a small note, Fang Li said that she wanted to go to the beach after the holiday because the sea was enough to contain all her troubles, and Su Qiyang said that he brought her She went, but now it’s just empty talk. The wind blew the piece of paper away and was picked up by Luo Yan.

Fang Li was just called by Feifei to comfort him, but the comfort seemed to be a drop in the bucket. When Fang Li turned to Su Qiyang’s circle of friends again, he couldn’t help but feel sad to see the photo of Lauyman. Shi Xu watched Fang Li getting more and more weird in the past two days, and she simply pulled Feifei and Luo Yan to watch together. Li ran desperately above the playground. She did not abstain from 5,000 meters, and her days became more and more weird. She only took a bite to eat Cai, post a selfie in a strange circle of friends, you can’t hide it. Fang Li’s love-breaking syndrome has come as scheduled, and the only way is to make her cry happily and vent all the sadness.

Several people discussed bringing Fang Liyue out for a meal to stimulate her to cry. No one else in the room succeeded. Only Luo Yan pointedly pointed the needle. Fang Li couldn’t help but couldn’t help but rain. . After escaping from the dinner, Feifei catches up. She didn’t mean to look down on Fang Li, but wanted her to tell it. But Fang Li would rather pretend to be strong alone than confide in her good sister. This is nothing, worrying. Not qualified? When she went to work part-time at the milk tea shop, Feifei took a full week’s leave, and it seemed that she deliberately avoided seeing her.

Only Fang Li was running on the runway, and only Luo Yan was following behind her. Not only did she blacken Luo Yan, she still had no good face even if she met. Until she ran again and fell down, Luo Yan couldn’t stand it anymore, so he hugged her and treated her wounds. After that, Luo Yan took her to the Aquarium. There were fish everywhere. People walked through the glass corridor as if they were living with fish in the sea. Fang Li’s mood went from plain to high, but it took only a while. Luo Yan shot her a lot Photos, all kinds of strange shapes.

Finally, when he came to a glass water wall, Fang Li couldn’t help feeling sad when he looked at the comfortable fish. Tears rolled in his eyes. Luo Yan put the earphones on her ears. It was the sound of a whale in the deep sea. Alone and sad, it is looking for companions. Luo Yan said that no one knows that fish crying in the sea, so cry if you want. Fang Li couldn’t help it anymore, feelings like the flood of a bank bursting out of control, when she talked again, the topic was already a question of whether she was crying or not.

Luo Yan is not very comforting, but thinking of those years running with Fang Li on the beach, those fishy dried fish, those brackish seas, or Fang Li below the Tianhai line, these are all involuntary. Feeling good, so he is willing to wait for her to finish crying and give her a chest to lean on. After returning home, Fang Li was playing with the little dolphin pendant that Luo Yan gave her. Luo Yan took care of the pots of green plants carefully and cared very much. While looking through the photo of Fang Li in the photo album, the other party’s message came over. It seemed that he had been released from the blacklist, and the photo she had taken was also sent.

In the dressing room of the milk tea shop, Feifei finally came to work. She hadn’t seen it for a long time, and she didn’t know where to start the topic. Fang Li wanted to ask a lot, why did he suddenly ask for leave for a week, did he avoid her or something happened, or was it something else? But she didn’t seem to be qualified, and she kept her mind alone and didn’t tell Feifei. However, as Luo Yan said, as long as you are willing to say sorry, what can your friends of so many years have that you can’t let go of the past? Looking back, these are just small hurdles in the big wind and waves.

In the end, two people who only knew how to resist were still unable to be strong in the end. Feifei’s interview was cancelled again, and all her efforts were in vain. But what’s the matter, there is Fang Li who can comfort him and talk about it. If Fang Li admires her, everything is not too bad. The next few days were calm and calm, until the establishment of a “long-distance running group of onlookers” reminded Fang Li that the five-kilometer distance still existed. Sure enough, she lived up to expectations and won the word “rookie”. With so many good friends around, let your sadness disappear. Fang Li finally deleted Su Qiyang from his WeChat contacts.

Shi Xu began to study various love skills in the past two days, and read a bunch of weird books, which talked about the suspension bridge effect and the haunted house strategy, until Feifei sent a message on WeChat, thanking him for the walnuts, and the previous This technique is nothing as good as his walnuts. Feifei asked him to watch a movie, and he readily accepted the appointment. As a result, he watched a horror movie. The whole movie theater shouted loudly, making Feifei very embarrassed and could only cover Shi Xu’s mouth.

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