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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 29 Recap

Tao Hua had nowhere to go to ask Liu Yu for help, but Liu Yu had no time to see her. She bumped into the wall. The only one who could help her was Ming Wanpeng, who was unwell and could not help, so she persuaded Tao Hua to abandon the company earlier. Tao Hua knew that Yihui was the painstaking effort of her mother, and she must not let the company really collapse. It was useless to persuade Ming Wanpeng, leaving the company with a sentence of “do it for yourself”. As soon as Shu Ke’s facade was renovated, Liu Yu came up and gave a big deal.

Tao Shu intends to sell the teahouse for his ex-wife and daughter. Both Fat Girl and Brother Leopard couldn’t persuade Tao Shu to look at him with a smile, but the teahouse is Tao Shu’s life’s hard work, and everyone knows what he doesn’t think. Shehe was helpless, but Tao Hua’s affairs couldn’t be delayed any more, he could only make the best move. Shu Ke is very grateful to Liu Yu for the business he has brought to him. Thinking of the crisis Tao Hua is facing at the moment, he wants to get the full payment instead of the advance payment, just to help Tao Hua fill this bottomless pit.

It was the first time Shu Ke saw Tao Hua doing something so serious and insisting on helping her. Liu Yu stopped persuading her. Coase’s development was very good. In order to thank Zhong Jinghua for her dedication, he personally cooked for her, but Missed Tao Hua’s help call, Tao Hua was almost desperate. Ming Wanpeng did all the work to make Yihui go bankrupt, and turned to another company as a vice president. Ming Yuan guessed that all traps were done by his father, but he had no evidence. He looked at this familiar and strange father in front of him. , Mingyuan hardly wanted to admit that this was his father.

Mingyuan drank in the bar, he came downstairs to Zhou Yingying’s house drunk, Zhou Yingying finally came back, she entertained Mingyuan who was here for a meal, Mingyuan finally calmed down here at Zhou Yingying, Zhou Yingying returned Mingyuan Made a big meal, which gave Mingyuan a warm feeling at home. Once at a dinner party, Liu Yu heard other people talking about Zhong Jinghua. Knowing that she was unbearable, he felt that he was deeply deceived. He returned home alone.

The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. He didn’t have the guts to face Zhong Jinghua. He could only go to the street alone. After recalling many episodes of getting along with Zhong Jinghua, he finally communicated. He really fell in love with Zhong Jinghua. Everyone would have a past, and he chose to accept Zhong Jinghua.

On the other side, Tao Shu and others are busy with Yihui’s debts. Shu Ke sent his own money and wanted to help Tao Hua. Even Fat Girl went home to borrow money, plus Tao Shu’s money for selling teahouses. The money He Shu Ke sent should be enough to help Tao Hua tide over the difficulties, and Tao Shu also made up his mind to sell the teahouse. Knowing that Fat Girl was back, Beta rushed to her and hugged her and beat her to death. Fatty was moved by his passion, and finally put down her grudge and accepted Beta’s favor.

Tao Hua wanted to sell the painting that she and Shu Ke were interested in. The time was too tight to sell, but Liu Yu saw him. He knew that Tao Hua went to sell paintings and took the initiative to buy her paintings, which was considered a help. After taking a handful of Tao Hua, Liu Yu didn’t plan to persuade Tao Hua anymore, Tao Hua had his own plan. Liu Yu helped Tao Hua a lot. Tao Hua stopped him after completing the transaction and before Tao Shu was about to sign the contract. Tao Shuben was not willing to have his own tea house. Hearing Tao Hua stopped him, he immediately left the tea house and everyone can finally reunite. In the teahouse.

Afterwards, Tao Shu looked around at his small teahouse and couldn’t help feeling that there was a new village in the dark, and everyone looked at him with a smile.

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