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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 28 Recap

After Ming Wanpeng met with Mr. Li, Ye Huifang, he asked her to discuss Mingyuan’s affairs. He planned to let Ye Huifang keep his son. Who knew that Ye Huifang took the opportunity to hand over Mingyuan’s work. Ming Wanpeng would steal the chicken. Put the rice, but can only thank you with a smile. Shu Ke finally went home and wanted to serve his mother at home for a period of time. His mother saw through Shu Ke at a glance and felt that he had something to hide from herself, so Shu Ke quickly changed the subject.

Shu Ke was rushed back to Beijing by his mother to live his own life. Before leaving, he visited his dead father. He returned to Beta listlessly, and went to Tao Shu’s teahouse the next day. As soon as Fat Girl came, she saw Shu Ke sighing with Tao Shu. She immediately suggested that Tao Hua come to the teahouse for dinner. Tao Shu was about to criticize her, Shu Ke agreed unexpectedly. The two looked at each other in surprise, and Fat Girl immediately contacted him. Pottery flower.

Tao Hua received the call. Although she didn’t say she was worried about Shu Ke, she was actually happy in her heart and went to the teahouse as soon as she hung up the phone. Tao Hua appeared in the teahouse, and Shu Ke asked her to chat alone. This time he also didn’t regret his decision, and planned to break up with Tao Hua. Tao Hua thought he was going to be soft with him, so he panicked when he heard this. Tao Hua was still dead at this time.

The duck’s mouth was hard and he refused to accept it. She could only watch Shu Ke disappear from her eyes, but she stomped her feet with anger. Tao Shu and the others, who were waiting for the two to eat in the teahouse, did not wait for them for a long time. Tao Shu vaguely guessed something and could only drink dull wine without words.

After Shu Ke came back, Zhou Yingying also took the initiative to ask him for coffee. Shu Ke understood the problems in his relationship with Tao Hua. Even if he compromised blindly, there was a bottom line. He had to make a choice. Now he is the only one. The idea is to make a lot of money and buy a house to support his mother. Yingying still wanted to persuade Shu Ke, but was interrupted by Shu Ke, everyone could understand Shu Ke, only Tao Hua could not. Seeing Tao Hua absent-minded, Ming Wanpeng directly took a document for her to sign. With Tao Hua’s trust in Ming Wanpeng, she directly paid for the name without checking the document.

Tao Hua was frustrated in love and was very attentive in her work. She tried to call Shu Ke, but Shu Ke did not answer. She went to her door to find Shu Ke, but Shu Ke did not hear it because she was working with headphones. She was helpless. Tao Hua had to leave. After Beta quit the game, his business ability improved very quickly, and the managers promoted him to full-time sales. Everyone was in a good mood, only Tao Hua was unhappy. She came to her father’s teahouse. Tao Shu could understand and knew that the problem between them was not just this time. He knew Shu Ke and knew him This time must have come true, Tao Hua was even more sad because of this.

When Pangya came home from night class that day, she saw someone on the side of the road. She thought it was Beta. Who knew it was an alcoholic who was hiding there. Fortunately, Tao Shu appeared in time. Tao Hua still couldn’t fall asleep at midnight. She burst into tears while holding the photo of Shu Ke. Ye Huifang’s situation was not optimistic. She took the medicine but still had a splitting headache. She passed out at the company the next day. Ming Wanpeng was kind Sent her home and walked away the cleaning aunt.

After Ming Wanpeng sent Ye Huifang home, he called Xingye’s people to the company to sign the contract. At this time, the company except him was Tao Hua. Yihui belonged to Ye Huifang and Tao Hua. Xingye was leaving in two hours. The matter was imminent, Ming Wanpeng deliberately urged her in front of Tao Hua. Tao Hua was anxious, and heard that she was short of a signature and stamp, and immediately decided to sign.

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