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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 21 Recap

Wen Zongshen was loyal to the emperor and refused to go with the queen. The queen stopped persuading when she saw it. She only said that she must let the prince ascend to the throne. Otherwise, even if the opponent was Wen Zongshen, she would not be merciful. When Xiao Qi received the news that Huan Gong escorted grain and grass to support him, Hu Guanglie was happy and felt that Xiao Qi would not have to retreat.

Wang Yan arrived in the palace and saw that Jin Quan was forcing the emperor to take the pill. Wang Yan quickly stopped Jin Quan and told Jin Quan to retreat. Wang Yan looked at the emperor’s haggard and fragile appearance, feeling very sad, regretting leaving the capital. When the emperor saw Wang Yan this way, he couldn’t bear it. When there was no one around, he told Wang Yan that he did not have hysteria and that he had been sober. He confessed to Wang Yan what Xu Sui, Xie Yuan and Du Meng did. It was all his acquiescence. Wang Yan learned the truth for a while and was shocked.

It was the emperor’s uncle she was close to who wanted to put her and Xiao Qi to death. The emperor was very helpless, saying that this was a power struggle, Wang Lin and Xiao Qi is a threat to the imperial power. No matter who sits on the throne, he will find a way to get rid of these two people. Wang Yan knelt on the ground weakly and looked at the emperor with disappointment. The emperor hoped that Wang Yan would forgive him for what he did. Wang Yan left without saying a word.

Wang Yan was sad. After he came out of the emperor’s palace, he planned to find the queen. But on the way, he met Xue Daoan and shouted injustice to her. Wang Yan took Xue Daoan to the queen’s palace. With a dagger to assassinate the queen, Wang Yan stood in front of the queen. Xue Daoan flung Wang Yan away and tried to stab him again. Aunt Liao, who was next to the queen, stepped forward and stopped Xue Daoan. Xue Daoan was stabbed to death.

Wang Yan led the queen and fled to Xiaofo. Tang, Xue Daoan chased all the way, Yuxiu also blocked Xue Daoan in front of the Buddhist hall, and Xue Daoan stabbed Yuxiu and rushed into the Buddhist hall. Wang Dan stood in front of the emperor and tried to protect her. Just when Xue Daoan was about to succeed, the guards rushed To subdue Xue Daoan. Wang Yan hurriedly passed on the imperial physician to treat Yuxiu, but the imperial physician said that Yuxiu’s condition was critical, and she was afraid that she would die.

The queen was mentally unstable. After this assassination, Aunt Liao, who was closest to her, also died. The queen became more and more frightened. She refused to take the medicine and talked nonsense. Wang Yan quickly stepped forward to appease the queen and kill her. The mood stabilized. The crown prince and Wang Lin hurried into the palace after learning the news.

Wang Lin saw that Wang Yan was okay, and then he was relieved. He hugged Wang Yan tightly and comforted Wang Lin in fear. Several people have seen the queen. When the prince talked about Xue Daoan’s secretly changing the medicine and being dismissed by the queen, Wang Yan always felt that this matter was not so simple.

Wang Lin went to the emperor’s palace again. At this time, the emperor was playing chess with Zilu. Hearing Wang Lin talked about Xue Daoan’s assassination of the queen, there was no special reaction. He just played chess with all his heart. At this time, Jinquan gave the medicine again. The emperor took it. Not long after the emperor took it, he even said that he was in a hurry and left the sleeping hall. Zilu hurried forward to wait, while Wang Lin signaled Jinquan to follow.

After Jinquan left, the emperor resumed as usual. He took out the pill from his mouth. Zilu stared blankly at what the emperor had done. The emperor turned to Zilu again and asked him to kneel down, saying that Zidan was stabbed. Gu Yong was killed and other things were done by Zi Li. Seeing that his secret was known by the emperor, Zi Li quickly knelt down and begged for mercy, saying that he did all this to fight against the king’s family. The emperor said that if not so, he would not tolerate it. Zilu does these things.

Seeing that the emperor was sad about Xue Daoan’s affairs, Zilu quickly persuaded him to forbearance, and showed loyalty, saying that he would help the emperor regain power. The emperor took the opportunity to persuade the emperor to write a secret edict to capture the king and beg the thieves, saying that he could take the edict to various places in the south of the Yangtze River and contact the royal family to eliminate the rebels.

After Wang Yan returned to the mansion, Zidan was waiting outside the mansion gate. He was very worried when he learned that Wang Yan had been assassinated, but Wang Yan was very indifferent to him and turned him away. Su Jiner looked at him and wanted to persuade Zidan However, Zidan didn’t even look at Su Jin’er. Not long after Wang Zhang came back, he heard news from the palace saying that Yuxiu’s condition was not good. Wang Zhang rushed to the palace.

The doctor Shen said that Yuxiu might not be able to last tonight. Maybe the needle stone method was effective, but he was worried Yuxiu couldn’t help it, Wang Yan made a decisive decision and asked Emperor Shen to try.

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