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Always Have, Always Will (2021) 原来时光都记得

Always Have, Always Will (2021)
Other Title: 原来时光都记得, Yuan lai shi guang dou ji de , I Remember That Time

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Youth
Han Zeng Guang
Zhang Lu, Bao Er Qin, Li Xin Yu (李新雨), Yang Xiu Li (杨秀丽)
Release Date: 
Jan 20, 2021 – Feb 6, 2021
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  • Li Ge Yang as Luo Yan
  • Lin Qian Lu as Fang Li
  • Gong Rui as Shi Xu
  • Wen Mo Yan as Qi Feifei
  • Ren Yun Jie as Sheng Ze
  • Luo Yi as Sun Jiayi
  • Li Yang as Su Qiyang
  • Tu Bin Bin as Su Yiman

Fang Li is a girl from a small town who befriends the school’s smartest guy, Luo Yan. However to Fang Li, Luo Yan was a nightmare to her. Three years later, they reunite at university, but Luo Yan does not remember Fang Li anymore. However their story continues.

In the first year of high school, Fang Li, a young girl from a small town, became classmates with the school’s smartest student, the cold face Luo Yan. At that time, Luo Yan was a nightmare for Fang Li. Three years later, they meet again at university. Luo Yan at this time can no longer remember the former Fang Li, but the battle between the Sunshine Girl and the Tsundere Demon continued. This pair of enemies experienced their best youth. Together they found the beauty lost in the hour, and work towards realizing their dreams.

Episode Lists:

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