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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 6 Recap

Fang Li’s English performance has plummeted since he got a job at the radio station. Teacher Jiang was so anxious that Luo Yan was still squeezing her and threw her English homework under the threat of income from the radio station. What can Fang Li do? All she can do is hide Luoyan during the weekend and relax a little. It’s a pity that the ghost is still here, and you can also meet Luo Yan at the book stand on the weekend. He bought two English dictionaries and threw them into Fang Li’s basket, and went to the beach with her. He was teaching her English on an old fishing boat in the wind on the beach and the sunshine.

Luo Yan went to attend a psychology course, and after class asked the teacher about the problem of restoring memory. The teacher suggested that he trace back to the source and start from the beginning, but the initial memories have long been unconnected, the only support for his desire for the past The reason is just a person named Fang Li.

Fang Li and Su Qiyang were eating, and they talked about making English magazines. They were still a group of two, so even for English magazines, you can watch an English original movie. This was Su Qiyang’s appointment with her, Fang Li specially selected a lipstick for this, and the lipstick appeared with Luo Yan. Judging from the lipstick, who she should be dating, the day she was talking about it was suddenly overwhelmed by a ugly sentence.

During the movie screening at night, everyone was in pairs and cuddling to watch the plot, but Fang Li was watching and sleeping, leaning on Su Qiyang’s shoulder, he watched her lips close at hand, Fang Li woke up when he got closer. Although the movie didn’t watch the whole story, not only Fang Li didn’t know the final plot, but Su Qiyang didn’t know it, but in general it was a good start for a date. When Fang Li saw Mendeleev again, there was an indescribable kindness in his heart.

Today, after the dance get out of class, the students on duty were Fang Li and Luo Yan. She stopped him one step in advance and worked in full swing. When Su Qiyang came to pick up Fang Li, a strange resentment flourished in Luo Yan’s heart. He and Fang Li After a few quarrels, I kicked the bucket down and asked her to clean it again. This is simply inexplicable. From the beginning to the end, this person has not changed. He is still the great pervert that tortured others for fun. When he was so angry, Fang Li stepped on a mop, but the mop head bounced and hit her with a nosebleed. Luo Yan was stunned, Su Qiyang outside the door was anxious, and drove her to the infirmary. Luo Yan looked at the bucket he had kicked down again. What was he doing? He still came to the infirmary to see what happened to Fang Li, but he insisted that he was just passing by.

Feifei met Sun Jiayi again when she was delivering the food. She was still upset about the last time she was splashed with milk tea, but it is almost impossible for Feifei to apologize. What she would do is probably to splash it again. Itchy teeth at this man Sun Jiayi, but Shi Xu comforted him. He would help Sun Jiayi vent his anger if anything happened. The human flesh tools sent up don’t need to be in vain. She wants Shi Xu to pursue Feifei until Feifei likes him, and then Sun Jiayi tells Feifei that Shi Xu always likes herself, so that she is better than others. As long as things come to fruition, Sun Jiayi will give him a chance to date.

After the psychology class, Lin Xiaowei took the initiative to talk to Luo Yan to help him with his problems. The two changed places to eat and chat. For Luo Yan’s situation of always doing bad things with good intentions, Lin Xiaowei’s suggestion is to be less mean and more easy-going to become friendly. This scene made Fang Li outside the glass window see that Luo Yan was dating a girl. When Feifei heard about it, Fang Li began to count down. She checked when she had progressed with Su Qiyang.

On this day, Fang Li was revising the English magazine’s documents. When he encountered a bottleneck, he couldn’t fix it. Luo Yan came over with a nuclear-sound smile and scared people to death. The two exchanged for equal value. Luo Yan helped Fang Li make an electronic magazine , Fang Li helped Luo Yan more affinity. Affinity can only be unnaturally revealed to people who are sincere. As long as you imagine the person in your heart, you will be friendly anyway. According to Luo Yan’s description, the sweetheart is an optimistic, strong but egg-like person. She has a hard shell and a clear soul.

After a busy day, Fang Li invited Luo Yan to a big meal, so the big meal is two buckets of instant noodles in the convenience store? Lin Xiaowei met them by chance at this time, Fang Li hurriedly urged Luo Yan to use all the affinity he had learned during the day, and the beauty was waiting in front of her eyes. It turned out that she thought that Luo Yan studied these things for the pursuit of Lin Xiaowei, who was more woody, she couldn’t even tell who liked this kind of things. Luo Yan was annoyed, so he messed up again.

In the hospital, Su Qiyang’s father had an operation smoothly, but the expensive medical expenses became a big burden for him. Only Lloydman came. Su Qiyang helped her back then. What’s the problem with her now to help Su Qiyang. The message sent by Fang Li on the other side, Su Qiyang, was delayed and did not reply in the input.

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