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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 5 Recap

Fang Li came to the Taekwondo Gym to look for Su Qiyang, followed by Luo Yan. Su Qiyang also helped with the previous laboratory explosion. In principle, he should be grateful. It happened that Su Qiyang and Shi Xu were fighting with bare hands for a few rounds. In the end, it was Su Qiyang who was more fistful and Shi Xu was defeated. After class, I looked at Fang Li and Su Qiyang’s good expressions and expressions. Here, Luo Yan and Shi Xu had a bad expression. The former was because of Fang Li’s smiling faces to others, and the latter was because of competition.

Then the best solution is to ask for advice, so Luo Yan and Su Qiyang stood in the ring. Both sides had their own merits, and neither of them could get the absolute benefit. In the end, Su Qiyang kicked Luoyan on the head with a horizontal kick, and he passed out and woke up again. I was already in the hospital when I came. The hem of the running skirt in my memory still appears from time to time, but I can’t remember more careful things.

Su Qiyang didn’t come to class today. Hearing from his classmates that he had problems with his throat due to inhalation of sulfur dioxide, Fang Li wanted to visit him, but he started to hesitate again when he went to the hospital corridor. Isn’t it right to visit as a classmate? After weighing the left and right for a long time, Luo Yan, who came to see him in another department, had a panoramic view.

In the end, Fang Li boldly walked into the ward and brought him some fruits to protect his throat. Since his voice could not speak, the two had to communicate through WeChat typing. Fang Li is a caring classmate who brought him today’s class notes and talked. For some interesting things, there was a cartoon portrait that looked like him, so I recommended it to him. Su Qiyang liked it very much and changed it to a portrait.

In the dance class, Luo Yan accidentally stepped on Fang Li’s foot, but she didn’t care at all. With her broad mindset, she wanted to let the past go with the wind. But Luo Yan didn’t want to. He wanted to remember the past, so he found Fang Li’s new part-time milk tea shop and wanted to ask about the past.

Not to mention Fang Li, even Feifei can’t believe that this buddy is here to play amnesia, so it is better to blackmail a sum of money. Fang Li claimed that Luo Yan once owed himself a thousand yuan. This was not to humiliate people, and the amnesia was not to lose IQ. Besides, he said that he should use IOUs as evidence for debts. He deceived Luo Yan as a fool without the consent of others, and the fool gave the money.

Fang Li rushed to the hospital after get off work and found that Su Qiyang was throwing her fruit bowl outside the ward. There was Lauyman’s voice in the ward. She held the fruit bowl and left silently, and once again sat on the empty steps. It’s just that this time someone also appeared behind him, Luo Yan. Hearing the words, he seemed to come to comfort Fang Li, so the fruit plate was picked up and given to Luo Yan to taste. He was here to find the memories he had lost. Maybe it didn’t matter if he didn’t remember them in the past, but now because Fang Li wanted to know the past, he wanted to know what they had been together. The thousand yuan was immediately transferred to Fang Li’s account, even if it was a fool with no memory.

How could such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity be missed? Anyway, with news from high school in hand, Fang Li decided to use Luo Yan severely. Ask him to come to the milk tea shop and scam a cup of milk tea by the way. At that time, everyone was still an ignorant high school student. Luo Yan was transferred to the countryside by his father. When he met Fang Li who was riding a bicycle downhill, her handbrake was broken, so Luo Yan watched Fang Li fall and watched again in the classroom. To this classmate’s unkind eyes.

Teacher Jiang always urged Fang Li to take care of his new classmates and tolerate him with the simplicity and enthusiasm of the country. After that, they became the same table. Luo Yan always likes to sleep on the table with headphones. Like most girls, Feifei rushed to see the new handsome guy. This made Fang Li think of a good way to make a fortune. After covering Luo Yan with a thick stack of books, she posed to the expectant girls outside the window. I came out with a QR code. It was obvious that there was a charge for watching handsome guys, so I made a small profit.

Fang Li and Feifei’s ice cream was very refreshing, but it was heard that Luo Yan transferred to another school because of a fight, which made Fang Li a little worried. During school, she met a few gangsters to block Luoyan and she had an idea, pretending to call Teacher Jiang to pick up Luoyan. In fact, she didn’t hold her mobile phone properly. However, Luo Yanen sent her a report of her two-dimensional code to make money. What followed was the confiscation of the mobile phone and the inspection warning. How could it be a tragic word.

Luo Yan’s father and Teacher Jiang have a deep friendship, so Luo Yan lives here with Teacher Jiang, and Teacher Jiang asked him to return Fang Li’s mobile phone. Fang Li was showing his grandmother the newly bought old-age shoes at home. Luo Yan went to visit him. In Fang Li’s opinion, he came into the house uninvited as a guest, and he took the watermelon sliced ​​by his grandmother for granted. At the end of these stories, Fang Li didn’t wake up from a hangover. He woke up and was drunk.

In the end, when Luo Yan sent Fang Li back, Fang Li received Su Qiyang’s apology for Guopan, and his mood that was not bright at first was immediately cleared. However, after listening to the summary of his past life this year, Luo Yan felt that he had not done a single thing wrong, but instead served as Fang Li’s enlightenment on the road of life, setting her way.

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