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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 4 Recap

Luo Yan was the student on duty this day, and Fang Li, a labor committee member, asked him to fetch water, but Luo Yan put on his headphones and lay on the table lazily to sunbathe, which was very comfortable. Since Fang Li couldn’t move, he asked the teacher to come and waited for Teacher Jiang to come to the classroom. What I saw was a diligent little handsome man erasing the blackboard, and the spear of the matter immediately became Fang Li’s targeting of Luo Yan.

In the dormitory, Fang Li and the other three roommates are very nervous. The time for elective courses is about to come. If you are hand-skating, you will no longer control your fate. In the end, only Fang Li and Sun Jiayi took the dance class, and the other two were all looking like they had eaten a bad meal. And another handsome guy, Luo Yan, chose a dance class because of the internet speed. He plans to start the class and find a teacher to apply for a transfer.

Fang Li calculated this month’s accounts, and as long as the bursary is paid in time, life next month will be safe and secure. Su Qiyang took her to the bulletin board and saw that Fang Li’s bursary qualification was cancelled because of the explosion. She quickly calculated how to add or subtract the money at hand, and in the end she just wanted to complain. Although Su Qiyang was willing to lend him money, Fang Li would not be willing to be helped by others like this, and Luo Yan behind him seemed to be uncomfortable seeing them walking side by side.

When the dance class started, everyone had a partner, but Fang Li was kept away and practiced alone with the air. The scene was a bit embarrassing and funny. Luo Yan originally took the application form to adjust the class. When he was yelled at by the teacher, he saw Fang Li alone. He quietly put away the adjustment form and set up with Fang Li. Luo Yan was unfortunate during the dance practice. Fang Li either stepped on his feet or hit his chin. It was a walking cold weapon.

At dinner that day, Fang Li was calculating how long the money at hand could be supported. Sun Jiayi came to the door. The dance class needed clothes for dancing. Everyone paid for the clothes, but Fang Li didn’t. Even if I asked my boss, I couldn’t advance the salary in advance, which was terrible. Luo Yan seems to have discovered the joy of dancing lessons, and his resolute heart to adjust the lessons has also loosened.

When Sun Jiayi found Fang Li again and it took time to get the clothes, she said she would not buy it. Sun Jiayi guessed that she probably meant to make it by herself or buy a cheap one. So I sent Fang Li a photo of the dance clothes. When the next class came, Fang Li and the others wore different skirts. The gorgeous style surprised everyone. Fang Li and Luo Yan danced with such strange eyes, and were cruelly criticized by the teacher. To make matters worse, the cuffs of the skirt were torn apart when she jumped halfway. The embarrassment and embarrassment that no one could bear, she fled and left the dance classroom.

Su Qiyang met her on the road and was going to send her back, but when an exchange student appeared, Lloydman couldn’t get away. When Sun Jiayi came back from practicing dance, Fang Li judged with her, and the result was the same as last time. The cunning ghost always had various reasons that were not his own, and it was not a Fang Li that could make her realize.

The boss called and asked Fang Li to go and help immediately. The job came to the end of the night. Even after get off work, there was still an order to be delivered. It was late at night when Fang Li was completely relaxed on the road. There were two bullies who wanted to bully her, but Fang Li turned his head and bumped into Luo Yan. Without words, he took her into his arms and walked head-on, ignoring the two gangsters.

Returning to the dormitory to look at this dance gown, Fang Li no longer wants to go to class. At this moment, she only wants a hearty cold, so she doesn’t need to go to class. Just talk and do it, long-distance running and cold water, after several tossings, the body is as strong as a cow without being affected.

Another day, Feifei found Sun Jiayi with milk tea, she did what Fang Li couldn’t do, and a cup of milk tea was poured on Sun Jiayi’s face, and she was embarrassed. Because of her embarrassment, even a trip to the security room is not a loss. Luo Yan and Shi Xu were also there. Taking this opportunity, Luo Yan asked Feifei if Fang Li would wear the clothes again in the next class, but the good sisters just don’t make sense. Regardless of the intentions of the visitor, the first threat is right. So Luo Yan did not know the specific situation of Fang Li.

The boss in Fang Li’s part-time shop was also not kind, even if Fang Li made shifts according to the regulations, Fang Li wanted to resign, and even if his salary before resignation didn’t count, it was a losing business. When she went to find Feifei to find out about her new part-time job, they were sewing dance clothes for her. She said that from the front, Li dared to do it and moved as he pleased. How could she grow up but she would suffer everywhere.

So even for yourself, you should dance boldly, dance regardless of your eyes, and dance freely. At the top of the dance class, Li was still wearing that gorgeous long skirt, and amidst everyone’s whispering mockery, Luo Yan also appeared in dance clothes that corresponded to her style. This kind of dance clothes can only say that everyone is good-looking, and no one should dislike each other.

For such a heart-warming act, if you want to repay him, please invite him to dinner, Luo Yan said. By coincidence, I came to the Japanese food shop where Fang Li worked, ordered a lot of dishes, and wittily helped her get her salary back. Luo Yan returned home and flipped through the old photo album. There really was what he and Fang Li looked like before, but he had no impression at all. It was a strange and familiar feeling. He only remembered a running skirt. Before my eyes.

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