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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 3 Recap

For those mischievous things that she did in high school, her mother went to school to apologize to Teacher Jiang. She didn’t want to do this, but she was threatened and had to do so. She could do nothing but say sorry to her mother. Just like when the basketball came, she had to help him pick it up. All the grievances came from the person in front of him. One day Fang Li would return all these to him.

Feifei saw that photo of a kiss on the basketball court. She didn’t expect that Fang Li had a lasting fight. The suicide counterattack method of putting herself in really impressed her. At this time, the teacher contacted her and Luo Yan by phone. The explosion in the laboratory caused the destruction of the nearby flower field. It was reasonable for them to repair. Luo Yan originally decided that this had nothing to do with him, until the teacher took out the photo of the kiss on the basketball court, which was really relevant.

The teacher said, turned her head and Luo Yan still didn’t go. Fang Li knew that dealing with such a person must have the spirit of giving up. She prepared her confession early in the morning and carried the charges of the laboratory explosion because she and her boyfriend Luoyan’s secret dating caused an explosion. It was a great joy to do things that hurt one thousand and eight hundred. Luo Yan was forced to be controlled by others because he wanted to save face, and he reluctantly cleaned up the flower field.

However, Fang Li didn’t get any benefits. He tried to sneak a photo of Luoyan’s flowers and was sprayed with water. In the end, both of them were unkempt. When Shi Xu came to pick up Luo Yan, he kindly interceded for Fang Li, hoping that Luo Yan would not pursue further investigations. By the way, he also decided to invite him to swim and relax. Looking back, when Fang Li and Feifei talked about planting flowers, Feifei had a melon-eating smile on his face, so in such a smile, before Fang Li reacted, she handed a bag of takeaway and asked her to run errands on her behalf. This is the legendary good. sisters?

Shi Xu’s original intention was to ask Sun Jiayi to swim, and she was embarrassed to bring her to Luoyan Town, but Sun Jiayi didn’t like Shi Xu at all. Whether it was sending her liquid nitrogen ice cream before or making an appointment now, the reason why she agreed was to match and pursue Luo Yan is nothing more than just using Shi Xu’s feelings. Such a girl Luo Yan was not interested at all, so she drove away Sun Jiayi coldly, and watched Shi Xuchai go out, welcoming Fang Li who was delivering food.

Yuanjialu’s narrow talk and no speculation is probably the current scene. The two of them couldn’t say a few words and wanted to turn around and leave. Fang Li didn’t stand still and watched to pour into the pool, Luo Yan stretched out his hand and threw himself into the water first. After Shen Shen fell to the bottom of the sea, there was endless silence, as if he was dead. At this moment, his hands pulled him up from above, and then he was breathing again. Thinking back to the feeling of those hands, it seemed a bit familiar, as if it was a very important feeling.

In order to prevent soil pollution, Fang Li and Su Qiyang specially collected some soil and went back for testing. At this time, Luo Yan came to plant flowers. Hearing Su Qiyang said that the laboratory explosion was a bit eye-catching, and it seemed to be an explosion caused by liquid nitrogen. Fang Li has never touched liquid nitrogen as a dry cleaning agent, which is a bit strange now. Luo Yan approached Sun Jiayi and couldn’t find out the specific situation of the liquid nitrogen ice cream delivered by Shixu that day, so he added her to WeChat. This made Sun Jiayi want to get into trouble. He thought that he was 80% having a play, and the sun was in a good mood. .

The soil test report showed that the plants were damaged, but the soil was not destroyed. This is a blessing in misfortune. There is another incident that Su Qiyang also helped Fang Li check. After Fang Li finished the report and left the library that day, Sun Jiayi sat in front of her computer. She had always thought that Luo Yan had hacked her report, but she didn’t expect that even if she came to the door to question Sun Jiayi, she would not delete the white or delete it, and then dragged the remaining two little sisters away.

Luo Yan looked at the noise below in the stairwell, and forced him to come to Fang Li’s computer. Teacher Zhao came to face him. While Fang Li had to deal with the teacher’s gap, he restored the computer files and then named Fang Li’s boyfriend. Was handed over to Teacher Zhao in the name of. The grades have been restored. Thinking back to the various frictions before, the way this person helped her is too hardcore. As the courtesy went to know the good news, Fang Li bought him a lot of snacks from the vending machine. Until I saw him looking through Sun Jiayi’s circle of friends, his heart burst into flames, and he left with snacks.

Luo Yan took the ice cream photo from Sun Jiayi’s circle of friends to Shi Xu and took him to the teacher to confess. The laboratory bombing started from Fang Li, to the joining of Luo Yan, and now the team has grown to three people. Things seemed to be twists and turns, but it was actually very simple. On that day, Shi Xu went to the laboratory to make liquid nitrogen ice cream for Sun Jiayi, and walked hurriedly to cover the lid of the liquid nitrogen.

Later, Fang Li came to make a dry cleaning agent, and the two of them came to cook one. When I came to the laundry, I really used the laboratory as my master, and the teacher was very angry. But I didn’t forget to remind Fang Li to thank his fellow student Luo Yan, if it weren’t for him, Fang Li would be determined.

When he and Luo Yan came to water the flower field again, Fang Li looked at him and couldn’t tell whether he was an angel or a devil. He used to bully her, why is he still helping her? Luo Yan also didn’t know. Was his opponent Li really bad before?

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