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Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 Episode 2 Recap

There was a huge explosion in the laboratory, and the teacher immediately called Fang Li to Luoyan to inquire about the situation. From the perspective of the extent of the explosion, it is impossible for Fang Li to cause such a huge explosion in a small experiment, but the truth will float for a while. Before coming out of the water, Luo Yan refused to prove for her, and the teacher was sure that she caused the explosion. If the title of the real murderer really falls on her, it is likely that she will be dropped out of school.

At that time, only Fang Li and Luo Yan were present. Fang Li wanted Luo Yan to help her clarify, but it didn’t matter if she hung up on her own. She still understood the reason, not to mention that Fang Li’s brain circuit was also in his opinion. Qingqi, it is better to stay away.

It spread all over the world, and the accidental explosion of the romantic date between the two in the laboratory spread. Everyone saw that their eyes were getting more and more wrong. The teacher once again asked Luo Yan to talk, but he did not expect that he and Fang Li were still high school classmates, and the heroic deeds of saving the United States spread throughout the campus. Luo Yan’s so-called passing by is very far-fetched. The teacher seriously suspects that they are a boyfriend and girlfriend. The love between them is a grasshopper on the same rope, and he is also responsible for the explosion.

On this day, when Fang Li was still trying to bribe the security guard in the monitoring room, he met Luo Yan who had come to ask for help. He wanted her to clarify their relationship in front of the teacher. The teacher’s imagination was too rich and burdened him. Unexpectedly, when Luo Yan would beg for help one day, how could Fang Li refuse to ask him to testify in the laboratory so readily? However, the negotiation of equivalent exchange ended in failure, and neither of them would give in, and finally ended up in a tense situation.

Fang Li started to break the jar, holding the big deal, he was dropped out of school, and launched a series of counterattacks. He had lunch face to face with Luo Yan, went to listen to his class, and posted a secret shot of his side face to the Internet. The copy was also matched. The ambiguous. Luo Yan was so angry that he met her just when he went out. He ran and chased her in spite of the heavy rain and finally blocked her at the wall, forcing her to clarify that she had nothing to do with Luo Yan to the video.

This video was quickly passed to the teacher. Not only did it fail to clarify, it was also defined as a coercion video, in order to avoid guilt, so that it would have lost a boyfriend to his girlfriend. Luo Yan couldn’t argue with a hundred words at a time, and was very depressed. Fang Li on the other side was also very depressed. She really didn’t detonate the laboratory. The only Luo Yan who was present was unreliable. Who else could prove her innocence.

Back to the dormitory, the three of them joined forces to shut her out. She had nowhere to go. She could only shrink on the steps. Fortunately, she met Feifei who came to deliver the food. There is a way for the car to reach the mountain. In another village, it’s a coincidence. Feifei’s takeaway was ordered from their dormitory. The moment the door opened, the expressions of the three of them turned from sunny to overcast. As a good sister, Feifei took the takeaway and opened his mouth to teach the three of them, and the faces of the three were even darker Up.

No one was willing to cooperate with Fang Li in the subsequent chemical experiments, but Su Qiyang was not deceived by rumors to cooperate with her in the experiment. Su Qiyang believed that she did not do the laboratory affairs, and was willing to help her inquire about it. Both are serious, so the experiment progresses quickly and the report is done quickly.

Even Shi Xu thought that the relationship between Luo Yan and Fang Li was real, but after watching the clarification video shot in the rain, after his shrewd analysis, a girl cried so miserably to clarify, this is no longer What is this being coerced by others. After all, Luo Yan’s skills are not as good as people’s, and Fang Li put it together. When he turned around, he hacked into Fang Li’s computer and caused her a little trouble.

When the report was handed in, Fang Li couldn’t find the report on the computer. This time the teacher couldn’t help but blamed her and Su Qiyang. The last time he judged her indiscriminately, the teacher didn’t believe it. Su Qiyang had no results together. Recalling the previous incident that Luo Yan hacked her computer, the cause and effect made sense at a glance. Is this his counterattack?

Fang Li rushed directly to Luo Yan on the basketball court, pressed his neck down and kissed him, and then pressed the shutter button with his right hand. This is the price he made to provoke her. He didn’t want to have anything to do with Fang Li, so he did the opposite. And doing so, let everyone know that they have inextricably linked relationships. But when Luo Yan caught up, he found Fang Li sitting on the bench and weeping.

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