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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 30 Recap

Feng Xiaosheng called Ke Ying with a sullen face, and the other party said that he would not go back to the company at noon and go to the spa. After arriving at the place, A Gang was waiting in the car. After Ke Ying went in alone, he secretly changed into a staff member’s clothes, dressed up and went to meet Yang Yuze at the appointed place.

After seeing Yang Yuze, Ke Ying took out a photo. It was A Gang’s brother Zhu Jianhai, who had been a driver and bodyguard for Feng Xiaosheng for seven or eight years. In March of this year, he died of a heart attack while driving to the provincial capital on a business trip. . She wanted Yang Yuze to check for herself whether he was really dead. This person is very close to Shen Shijie in height and age, and she suspects that the person who jumped off the cliff is actually him.

After hearing what Ke Ying said, Yang Yuze said that no matter what happened, he would definitely support her firmly. If it is not proved that Feng Xiaosheng is Shen Shijie, then it can at least prove that the person who died was not Shen Shijie.

Looking at Yingying, who was frightened all day long, Yang Yuze’s heart was like a knife. Is there no way to escape this person? Ke Ying also felt helpless. Feng’s family was Feng Xiaosheng’s fortress and backing. If he wanted to send him to prison, she had to bring Feng’s down, so he had to stay by his side to use him, provoke him, and get Feng’s home as soon as possible. Evidence of illegality.

After Ke Ying hurried back to the spa, he found that Feng Xiaosheng was sitting here with a black face. He knew that he was going to see Yang Yuze. Since that was the case, there was nothing to hide. Ke Ying happily confessed what happened today. . Feng Xiaosheng’s eyes were almost red, and she stuck her neck against the wall. Ke Ying was afraid that he would go crazy before moving Yang Yuze, so he could only plead, begging him to let Yang Yuze go, and even threatened him with his life.

Feng Xiao left the spa angrily, and drove away in the car. After Ke Ying slowed down, he immediately called Yuze and told him to leave immediately. Safety is of the utmost importance.

After listening to Ke Ying’s dissuasion, Yu Chengbo pulled Chen Hemiao from get out of class to stop her from going to Jinxiao again, but the other party was firm, saying that the previous efforts could not be in vain, so he left him and got in a taxi. .

It just so happened that Feng Xiaosheng went to Gathering Jinxiao with the help of alcohol, and Chen Hemiao got his attention as he wished. At the end, he was already drunk, and he was helped and hurried into the car. And Chen Hemiao also squeezed up, everyone thought she really admired Feng Xiaosheng as she said.

Chen Hemiao looked at Feng Xiao who was sleeping on the hotel bed, and after shouting a few times, he was sure that he had lost consciousness, so he surreptitiously turned over his clothes.

Yu Chengbo called Chen Hemiao and no one answered him, and tonight he saw Feng Xiaosheng coming to gather Jinxiao, and he was afraid, so he quickly called Ke Ying to tell the truth. Ke Ying was anxious, she hit Chen Hemiao several times before picking it up, and she was really with Feng Xiaosheng.

Ke Ying struggled for a long time, and finally drove to Jujinxiao. The police had arrived, and Grandma Chen was in a hurry. Ke Ying received a call from Feng Xiaosheng. The two seemed to be flirting. The call was very short and hung up within a few seconds.

No matter what, Ke Ying looked around in private rooms one by one. Sister Kan watched the trouble and had to inform Feng Xiaosheng of the hotel where she was staying. According to monitoring, Chen Hemiao got on the car by himself, indicating that the woman was voluntary, there was no coercion, and the police had no power to break the door and save people.

Ke Ying hurriedly drove to the hotel by himself, Xiao Wu also followed. Ke Ying knew that he was not suitable for being here, so he sent him away. She found the room number, smashed the door, Feng Xiaosheng greeted him in her pajamas, Ke Ying was furious, and she slapped on the face, Chen Hemiao heard the sound, still pretending not to know Ke Ying.

In fact, Feng Xiaosheng knew Chen Hemiao’s identity very well in his heart. He pushed people into the inner room, dragged Ke Ying, and began to ridicule him. He had never been so embarrassed in front of a woman. Seduce him on the surface, calculate him secretly, what is this?

At this moment, the Xiao team broke into the door with someone, and held Feng Xiaosheng when he went up, but Miao Miao insisted that he was just sending the guests out as a waiter and did nothing. Feng Xiaosheng was very upset. Team Xiao pressed his temper and apologized, and led people away.

Xiaowu gave a reasonable explanation for why he appeared here: Ke Ying couldn’t find Feng Xiaosheng, so he called himself, and when he heard that Feng Xiaosheng had lost contact, he was anxious, so he followed.

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