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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 29 Recap

Under the advice of his confidants, Feng Yong decided to provoke the relationship between Feng Xiaosheng and Ke Ying. In their opinion, as long as the two men and women are separated from each other, then they want to subvert Feng’s dream of being delusional.

Feng Xiaosheng knew that A Gang was a loyal person, and the other party’s brother had once killed Feng’s family, so after thinking about it, A Gang was a bit stunned, not necessarily an unreliable person.

Feng Xiaosheng had an appointment with Old Oil Gun. Old Oil Gun gave him the video recorded during the burning of the factory. Feng Xiaosheng told Old Oil Gun that the police are now looking for the person involved in the case and hinted that he might be caught by his second uncle. Betrayal, it’s best to stay away from Feng Meng recently.

Lian Lian came to the newspaper office as usual, and her colleague secretly reminded her to read the hot search “Nanzhou” on the Internet. Lian Lian was surprised that the photos turned out to be her and Feng Xiaosheng, and they were also taken by others. The writing is messy. Feng Xiaosheng was also very angry here, instructing his subordinates to deal with the matter immediately no matter what method they use.

But Feng Xiaosheng, even Lian, including Ke Ying, are not public figures. Who broke the news? Who is going to calculate them.

At this moment, Feng Xiaosheng received a call from Lian Lian. In order to prevent branching out of the knot, Ke Ying decided to let her come forward instead of Feng Xiaosheng to see Lian Lian. For safety, Feng Xiaosheng also asked her to bring A Gang. .

After the meeting, the two seemed unexpectedly calm. Lian Lian briefly explained that the video of the photo was taken when he went to find David, so that the other side should not think too much. Ke Ying knew that Lian Lian approached Feng Xiaosheng for no purpose, but he was not able to provoke him. He tried to persuade Lian Lian to give up the matter of Feng Xiaosheng again, but the result was the same as before, and the two broke up unhappy.

Unable to persuade Lian Lian, Ke Ying had to beg Feng Xiaosheng to let Lian Lian stay away from him.

After being the vice president for a few days, Feng Xiaosheng finally gave Xiaowu a job: get the company’s chief financial officer Yuan Fenfang. According to him, Yuan Fenfang has a set of secret books. During the six months he left Europe, the company’s CEO Wang Changjun and the head of Aoxin Depot Xu Feng and others manipulated the company, forged contracts, purchase orders, and transferred large amounts of money. Funds, all the evidence is in it. It is very important for Feng Xiaosheng and Fengshi Group.

On the way A Gang sent Ke Ying back, the two chatted about his brother A Hai. It is understood that he has followed the real Feng Xiaosheng for many years and is deeply trusted, except that there are unexpected events and blessings.

In the underground parking lot, Yuan Fenfang limped along. It turned out that the tire of the car had burst, and she happened to ran into Xiao Wu. The other party enthusiastically helped her deal with the tires and carefully told her not to work too hard, girl It’s not safe to go home alone. Yuan Fenfang is not very eye-catching. Coupled with the usual thunderous tactics, almost everyone in the company is afraid of her. Occasionally, a handsome young man has a crush on himself and his face is blushing.

As soon as Lian Lian got home, even the deputy mayor asked with a gloomy face about the photos on the Internet. Lian Lian was explaining this all day today, and now she has no patience, and she hastily told her mother about what happened. , Got up and left.

At the front desk of the Feng’s Group, two women chatted about the gossip between Lian Lian and Feng Xiaosheng, lamenting that Ke Ying could not make it to the front desk, and heard that the old man would not even let in the door.

On Feng Xiaosheng’s side, the reporter for the previously scheduled interview was changed. The person here was Lian Lian, who said that her colleague was sick and she came to work, but this was obviously an excuse. How could Feng Xiaosheng not be able to hear it, but she still did not expose it. she was.

After class, Ke Ying called Yu Chengbo to the corridor and asked about Chen Hemiao’s part-time job in the club. He didn’t expect Yu Chengbo to know that Ke Ying was afraid that the two students would have another accident. She tried to persuade him to bring Chen Hemiao back. The police are investigating his father’s affairs. As a student, Chen Hemiao should not be committed to this.

During the interview, Lian Lian turned around and asked about Feng Xiaosheng’s acquaintance with his fiancée. Feng Xiaosheng said indifferently that she fell in love with Ke Ying at first sight at the donation ceremony of Nanzhou University, and then pursued.

Lian Lian curled the corners of her lips coldly. Ke Ying is not an ordinary woman. She looks very gentle, but she is very assertive in her heart and hard-hearted enough to be touched by a small favor. This kind of woman has a unique attraction to certain men.

Feng Xiaosheng and Yang Yuze are, Yang Yuze was the school grass of the medical school back then, and many girls had a crush on them, but they didn’t know what magical power Ke Ying had that made Yang Yuze have a deep love for her. Now Yang Yuze’s whole person has changed after breaking up. When he met him two days ago, his whole person was ill and he walked away from others.

After listening to Lian Lian’s words, Feng Xiaosheng’s heart tensed, and then he asked about the time she and Yang Yuze met. Lian Lian was not fortified, and the answer was that the day of the fire in the Aoxin factory…

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