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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 28 Recap

The so-called unicorn company is a company that has been established within ten years, has a price of more than one billion US dollars, has obtained private equity investment, and has not been listed. Feng Shi spent great efforts to bet his fate on these companies.

At this moment, Feng Xiaosheng received a call from the old oil gun. The other party told him that his second uncle had ordered that all the materials in the Aoxin car factory be burned. He couldn’t figure out what it meant, so he specifically informed. Feng Xiaosheng didn’t say much after listening, but only allowed his behavior.

After leaving the Feng Family Group, Xiao Wu enthusiastically invited Feng Xiaosheng and Ke Ying to dinner, and did not forget to bring A Gang. A few people soon arrived at Jujinxiao, where Ke Ying saw Chen Hemiao, and the two of them looked at each other in surprise.

Here, the old oil gun wrapped himself tightly and brought two barrels of gasoline to the Aoxin factory. Things went smoothly. Everything was destroyed in the fire and explosion.

And Feng Xiaosheng also quickly saw the “achievements” of the old oil gun. The TV station reported on this. This kind of trick of killing the enemy by one thousand and self-defeating eight hundred is really ruthless.

Even the deputy mayor learned of the news. She felt very heavy. As soon as the Feng’s affairs came out, the province asked her to stay for work and let someone else go abroad for her inspection. Feng Yong, the old fox, is really cunning. Now his way out is blocked, what should I do.

Lian Lian quickly arrived at the scene of the incident. She dialed Feng Xiaosheng’s phone and wanted to ask what the cause of the fire was. Feng Xiaosheng didn’t have much thoughts to coax her, claiming that if she knew the cause of the fire, she would There will be no such fire.

In Feng Yong’s office, Feng Xiaosheng asked him with a sullen face, but the old man looked indifferent, claiming that things had changed and he had to act for the sake of the overall situation.

He had no choice but to burn the tens of billions of factories overnight, and reporters from various parties and tens of thousands of customers who had paid for real money needed an explanation. Nowadays, the most important thing is to hold a press conference to make this matter clear. When the time comes, the Feng family will come back to life, and the rest will be over.

The police force, the Aoxin factory incident has attracted great attention from the government. They watched Feng Xiaosheng at the news conference of the TV station. It was obvious that the other party was at the end of the road. They only need to push it again, and the effect will be seen soon. .

At the press conference, Ke Ying slipped out quietly, which caught Xiao Wu’s attention. He secretly followed Ke Ying and found that the other party had actually gone to see Yang Yuze. The former lovers met again, which was a bit sad. Ke Ying endured his grief and asked about Yuze’s recent situation, and then said cruelly that he would try not to contact him in the future. Feng Xiaosheng likes to be jealous. Yang Yuze has been puzzled about Ke Ying’s changes. Until today, he can’t believe that Ke Ying left him for money and future. Maybe Feng Xiaosheng was really coercing her. This made a series of absurdities. behavior.

Although Yuze repeatedly asked, but Ke Ying dared to tell the truth, he just changed the subject blindly. At this moment, Secretary Ann came over and almost ran into him. Fortunately, Xiao Wu blocked him in time and was not found. After the matter was covered up, Xiao Wu quietly came back to inform Ke Ying, and stiffly explained the previous matter. At this moment, Feng Xiaosheng’s phone came over. Ke Ying looked at it, but did not answer. When they met, she lied that the phone could not be found. In fact, she left her phone in the bathroom on purpose.

Wang Changjun, who is Feng’s actual executive power holder, found Feng Yong and told him that he had been made difficult by the chairman in the company and could hardly stay. After hearing this, Feng Yong scolded him for not being able to support the wall. , What a waste.

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